Life’s Scribe: Features Like Dictation Software Make Journaling Easy

February 6, 2013

3:00 pm

Whether it’s celebrating getting your product to market, winning your first round of venture capital, or even getting your startup promoted through Tech Cocktail, being an entrepreneur means you’re going to create treasured memories. But as every entrepreneur knows, it’s often difficult to find time to capture those special moments in writing. That’s why Life’s Scribe Journaling seeks to offer a convenient, easy solution to help record precious memories through combining traditional journaling with modern technology.

Life's Scribe Journaling app screenshot

Life’s Scribe Journaling uses dictation software provided by Nuance to allow users to quickly record special moments. The app allows users to post one photo per page and search for entries by photos or by calendar. Since the app integrates with Facebook, it’s easy to update friends and family with highlights from your life. Finally, the app provides password protection, iCloud storage and syncing, and also allows users to store copies in iBook or PDF format. Future versions of the Life’s Scribe Journaling app will be compatible with Android phones and allow use of Drop Box for online storage.

If you prefer viewing your journal entries in traditional hard copy, Life’s Scribe Journaling has a particularly cool feature that set it apart from its competitors. Users can print a custom hardbound copy of their journal designed by professional artist Melody Ross, preserving a tangible record of your experiences for future generations.

Keeping a journal also has practical applications that can improve your bottom line. Entrepreneurs who keep journals benefit from improved self-awareness that can help them brainstorm innovative solutions and see patterns that prevent their business from being successful. If you’re looking for an easy way to record your life, Life’s Scribe Journaling may be the app for you.

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