LIFTTT App Adds Location Capability to IFTTT

December 10, 2013

5:54 pm

Today VisualCandyApps launched a brand-new iOS app, LIFTTT: Location plus If This Then That. It marks the third app the UK-based company has created, giving users the ability to factor in the “where” to the already popular IFTTT app.

“Our company was founded a few years ago when we first got hold of an iPhone and realized the game changing nature of mobile,” says Anya Mallon and Stephen Lum, the husband and wife team.

Their extensive knowledge of location-based APIs, as is evident with their Uber Checkin and Uber Mayor add-ons for the Foursquare app, ensure accuracy and battery optimization for LIFTTT. And the app is immediately available on both iOS and Android platforms.

The principle operation with LIFTTT remains the same as it is with IFTTT; users create recipes to trigger outcomes with their third-party apps like Evernote, Gmail, and Facebook. But the new location function greatly expands the realm of possibility when it comes to recipe creation and triggers.

For example, you can create a running log in Evernote of your arrival and departure times from the office each day, or you can auto trigger an SMS to family when you safely land at the airport. Simply drag and drop a pin on the map to specify the location before customizing the trigger for your IFTTT functions.

The beauty of the IFTTT app is that everything is left up to the imagination of the users; it’s only as creative and imaginative as they are. Mallon and Lum are simply opening up a new realm of creativity for users to explore, and they’re excited to see what comes of it.

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