#Linsanity Meets Instagram with Linstagr.am

February 27, 2012

5:30 pm

Unless you’ve been living in a cave last month, you’ve heard probably heard of the legend that is Jeremy Lin.  At the very least, you’ve heard of the global Internet meme he’s spurred- Linsanity.

Lin, an Asian-American point guard for the New York Knicks has taken the world’s biggest basketball city by storm in being the underdog story of the year.  After being cut by a pair of other teams and struggling to get playing time with the Knicks earlier in the season, Lin was given a shot to play due to injuries and poor team performance.  He has since led a struggling New York team to a 7-1 record while being the team’s go-to player.

The surge of attention that has surrounded his performance has included, a feature on Time.com, the subject of seven (!) upcoming e-books, and being asked on a date by a sorority girl who doesn’t know who he is.  That’s Linsanity.

And now, Linsanity has taken over Instagram, sort of.

Meet Linstagr.am– Instagram extracted down only to what matters, Jeremy Lin related photos.  Having only launched over this past weekend, Linstagr.am has already collected 7,000 photos marked with the #linsanity tag.  Talk about striking while the iron is hot.

“There is a small window of opportunity and it’s important to pay attention to current trends because once that window closes, it’s already off to something new,” says Linstagr.am creator Sean Heilweil.

Hitting this window is one thing, but leveraging it to your business is another.  Sean Heilweil runs a digital media agency in the city that Lin built (NYC, that is).  So how does he plan on capitalizing on the popularity of this trending side project?

During the day to day operations of my company, The Mindriot, I’m always researching and brainstorming new ideas for both personal and client projects. It’s important for anyone to gain different levels of popularity as it makes it easier to gain traction earlier on when launching new ideas. By leveraging the popularity of current trends, I’m able to achieve better results for my clients as well.

Whether for purposes of building a portfolio of past successes or simply for additional exposure, there’s value in going Linsane in the memebrain. (sorry)

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