LiquidTalent Launches Their Next-Gen Hiring Platform

November 19, 2015

8:00 pm

How many job interviews have you had in your life? Well, it’s a given that you’ve had at least one or two. Do you remember the process of connecting with potential new employers though? It can be incredibly hard to connect with the hiring manager sometimes, especially if you don’t know anything about them.

That’s why the launch of New York based LiquidTalent was so interesting to me. You see, they’ve launched an on demand hiring marketplace that allows people to connect via text and call directly to potential new hires. It facilitates more efficient and less costly connections compared to the traditional method of recruiters and temp agencies.

Effectively, LiquidTalent sources publicly available data to find a shared connection and commonality between companies looking to hire talent and the talent itself. By doing this they’re able to have hiring conversations that start from a place of mutual interest rather than from a cold message.

“There’s nothing more gratifying than seeing the social overlaps on our platform flourish into real, professional relationships that provide talent with meaningful work and companies with the exceptional talent they need to build products and teams,” says LiquidTalent cofounder and CEO Alex Abelin.

Taking into account the changing landscape of work, a large portion of LiquidTalent’s opportunities are gig based: aka – 1099 workers. However, the platform serves all opportunities including full time positions as well.

Seeing as how they’ve just launched though, the team tells us that they’ll be focusing LiquidTalent initially on designers and developers. They’ll simultaneously be working to vet all of the professional talent that comes across their desk, guiding them all through a multi step process that involves LiquidTalent’s own, senior developers and designers weighing in on the subject. In this way they’re able to claim that their offerings for hiring managers is validated quality.

They’ve also got a strong commitment to the local fabric of New York City’s tech ecosystem. By working with socially minded organizations across the five boroughs, LiquidTalent has been able to host Future of Work Summits that unite community leaders, entrepreneurs, talent seekers, and modern day professionals.

And therein lies the heart of the mission for the LiquidTalent team: build a better future, and not just for New York. If they can help new age job seekers tap into a potential gold mine of job opportunities, LiquidTalent can absolutely have an impact on growing the tech ecosystem on a national and potentially global scale.



Image Credit: LiquidTalent Facebook page

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