Little Rock Startup Believes Discovery Should Be Easier

March 19, 2015

11:00 am

What’s worse than sifting through mountains of paperwork to find the information you need? Paying lawyers hundreds of dollars per hour to do it.

Enter eZdiscovery Solutions, a company that helps law firms and other businesses that manage massive amounts of paperwork harness the power of ediscovery to save time and improve operational efficiency while simultaneously saving their clients money.

Co-Founders Tifany Hamilton and Meredith Causey saw these problems first hand. Tifany has an extensive marketing and business background and Meredith has a legal industry background. The two saw an opportunity to use technology to solve a critical industry problem.

eZdiscovery leverages fast and easy ESI data processing in compliance with EDRM standards to deliver review-ready documents and a load file fully compliant and compatible with any business’ software’s specifications. These technologies allow law firms and other businesses to instantly search massive amounts of documents to pinpoint the relevant documents and associated information they need to find. This saves companies time and money, and allows professionals to focus their energy and talents on what they do best rather than sifting through mountains of paperwork.

In addition to powerful technology, the Little Rock based startup also offers its expertise by providing consultative services to walk businesses through each step of the eDiscovery process, from on-boarding and integration to ensuring maximized efficiency.

In conclusion, eZdisocvery provides a solution tailored to their customers that solves a major pain point and can even offer staff resources to ensure proper integration and utilization.

For the good of businesses everywhere, let’s hope this one becomes a legal industry standard.

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Carlo is a serial entrepreneur, speaker and writer. He is the Founder & CEO of SELECT. He is also a member of the YEC, an elite organization for successful entrepreneurs.

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