Live From The Startup Mixology Conference – Rainmaking and Partnerships

June 16, 2011

4:08 pm

Establishing partnerships is always fundamental in propelling your business to the next level. Alexis Juneja, Co-Founder; VP, Strategic Development of the Curbed Network, has been involved in every stage of company development from incorporation to ad sales to capital raising. She currently focuses on strategic partnerships and ecommerce initiatives. She specializes in strategic development and making sure your company grows. Alexis described the 7 rules of Rainmaking and making effective partnerships:

Rule #1- Just get out there. Making the effort to connect with potential partners is crucial and if you’re interested in having some then you must make the first step.

Rule #2 – Have Standards. This means making sure that you have an idea of what your looking for in a partner and having a certain criteria. Alexis focuses on improving her reading base and revenue when looking for partners.

Rule #3 – Remember Nobody’s Perfect. Don’t get your heart set on finding that perfect deal. Alexis’ most effective partnership to date happened to be the least appealing at the time.

Rule #4 – Ask Questions (and actually listen to the answers). It is always helpful to do research on the potential partner company before hand and have questions ready.

Rule #5 – Be Compelling. If you’re going to establish a partnership then you need to interest whoever you’re pitching. Going into a meeting with a specific idea is always your best bet and do your best to appeal.

Rule #6 – Buy Dinner. Who doesn’t love getting wined and dined? This just so happens to be one of the best ways to actually get to know your partner and will definitely leave a great impression.

Rule #7 – Celebrate anniversaries. Once a partnership is established it is important to celebrate your business together. It is important to remember that partnership is a relationship and celebrating achievements together will satisfy both parties.

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