Local Brewing Company Has an App for Choosing your Perfect Beer Match

August 16, 2015

12:00 pm

A local brewing company in San Francisco (actually, to be more accurate, it’s THE Local Brewing Company) has honed in on exactly what tech savvy locals in their SOMA neighborhood are looking for when it comes to beer. I don’t mean they know whether their clientele prefer hoppier beers or maltier brews, but they know how to tell them what they’ll like.

They’ve created an app that allows customers to build a beer preference profile based on three parameters: bitterness, alcohol content, and complexity. All of the beers they currently have on tap are given rankings from 1-10 for each of these parameters. You can log in on the brewery’s Beer Curator page, or you can download the mobile app.



This step can be done before you’ve even set foot in the brewery. You can choose the beers that best match your preferences and save those choices so that you know what to order once you get inside. Ultimately, this could really save you a lot of menu staring time when you have some serious drinking to do.

“Ultimately, [customers] want a lot of choice when they’re at their brewery, but they also want to be able to have some way of filtering that choice down to the right beer for them,” owner and brewmaster Regan Long told TechCrunch in an on-camera interview.

Regan, who comes from a startup background, wanted to create a brewery that also had a technological element, specifically one that would be beneficial to their customers. The feedback they received from customers basically told them that people will be more likely to frequent their establishment if they are given a wide range to choose from (naturally), and also if they have a way to filter down the choices so that they don’t waste time on beer that isn’t their style.

This Beer Curator app is almost a micro version of beer apps like Untappd, in that it gives suggestions based on things you like, but it’s brewery specific.

A Local Brewing Co currently has thirteen beers on tap, but they hope to keep them constantly rotating so there will always be something new to try.

Image Credit: Flickr/Quinn Dombrowski

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