Local Motors Live-3D Prints and Drives the Strati at SEMA Show

November 7, 2014

5:58 pm

Local Motors has already 3D printed the world’s first car built that way, but this week for the first time ever Local Motors will build and drive the car live out of the Las Vegas Convention Center. At the annual SEMA Show, Local Motors will live-print the Strati, giving conference attendees a front-row view of the future of car manufacturing.

The SEMA Show is a four-day production, and Local Motors will be building the Strati in three phases. First they’ll start the actual 3D printing which lasts approximately 44 hours and uses a cutting edge technology called additive manufacturing.

Phase two, known as subtractive manufacturing, includes eight hours of milling. And then assembly of the vehicle by the Local Motors team will be completed on Friday, November 7 and lead the SEMA Cruise to the official after party.

“When SEMA approached Local Motors and asked us to 3D print a car at their annual conference, we accepted the challenge,” says John B. Roger, Jr., co-founder and CEO of Local Motors. “The hot rod and aftermarket automotive community has always been on the cutting edge of vehicle innovation and we’re thrilled to display the future of car making to this group.”

This is the latest in a long line of successes from Local Motors in the last half year alone. We’re proud that yet another member of the Downtown Vegas community has made such progress, and we’re all looking forward to what creation Local Motors will roll out next.



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