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November 4, 2011

10:07 am

I have been hitting up my friends lately for help with moving and putting together a boatload of IKEA furniture – always fun!  Luckily, I know who I can turn to for stuff like that, but the app from LocalHero is a great alternative for finding friends who can lend a hand with things you need now.

LocalHero is the first mobile app (available for the iPhone – an Android version is coming soon) for friends helping friends with the things you need.  Thanks to social media, we all have a ton of friends in our network.  Some of them may be next door, a day’s drive or a few time zones away.   Then there’s Twitter, where most of our connections are strangers.  This means there’s no easy to find friends who can help you unless you handpick a few people or broadcast to everyone you know.

The app was designed to help you find the people who are most likely to help you.   You can make a request and view requests being posted by the people around you and by friends.  The app lets you add photos, change your location, add tags, and set sharing options – friends only, Facebook, Twitter, and/or the entire LocalHero network.  LocalHero then lets you know who can help you.

Here’s how it works: They integrate all the data about everyone in your network and on LocalHero, including their social, interest, and location graphs, process the data using a proprietary algorithm, and instantly produce a short list of people who can help you right now.

Give it a try and let us know what you think – just leave a comment below.

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