Loggly For Log Management & Processing As A Service

December 4, 2010

4:00 pm

Log management may not be the sexiest problem in IT today, but it sure is an important one – and Loggly wants to solve it. The company is building a cloud based logging service that takes the pain out of log collection, management, and processing and offers it on a subscription basis. The product is currently in private beta, but will soon be available to the general public (btw – love the registration page).

Managing and parsing log data is a problem that has existed since the early days of computers – though now, on a bigger scale than ever before. Today, even a basic application with moderate usage can generate many megabytes of data on a daily basis on aggregate across the web server, OS, and application layers. This problem has only been exacerbated recently as companies have focused more and more on collecting as much data as possible on user interaction and traffic.

This is where Loggly comes in. Loggly’s platform pulls in log data from your machines and applications, stores them on the cloud, and provides an intuitive interface for extracting useful insights. System admins simply point machine log generating activities to the Loggly API and then have them fire away. Because their architecture is cloud based (using Amazon Web Services), Loggly can accept data, store it, and provide processing against it elastically – regardless of volume.

Loggly Chart

As a user, you then interact with the log data via Loggly’s intuitive web based platform. The current system displays metrics and dashboards and has several features for search and discovery within your datasets (including a shell-like web based command line tool). In the future, the team will also be building out more capabilities around structured search.

Loggly is currently offered as a service with a sliding price scale based on your log generation volume.

The company was founded by Kord Campbell, Raffael Marty, and Jon Gifford in 2009. They recently raised a $4.2MM series B to fund product development and are looking to release the product to the general public soon. Look for these guys to disrupt traditional vendors in the log management/ business intelligence space and if you’re interested, you can sign up to get on the list for Loggly’s private beta.

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