Tampon Subscription Service, LOLA, Launches with $1.2M in Seed Funding

July 8, 2015

12:33 pm

There are many products that we end up having to purchase regularly throughout our lives. For men, for instance, we turn to subscription services like Dollar Shave Club or Harry’s to make sure we have a supply of high-quality razors to help keep our faces intact. And, launching today, women can now turn to tampon subscription service LOLA to make sure they’re well-stocked and prepared for when their next period comes around.



Because I’m a man who’s grown up in a society where women’s issues (and women’s rights overall) are regarded as something less than human, I know very little to nothing about women’s health – with my cognizance of surrounding topics reserved to the things I learned in sex ed so many years ago. Apropos, all I know about periods is that men don’t have them and that every woman I have in my life hates going through them. LOLA was founded on the result of the inconveniences associated with not having a tampon available when women need them.

“It happens all the time! And you’re standing there in line with a box of supers like, why is this my life? Every single month,” said LOLA cofounder Jordana Kier to Racked’s Jaya Saxena. “And I think Alex [Friedman] and I consider ourselves pretty on top of things, and this is something that we had not yet found a good solution for. So it started as a subscription and delivery, and that meant we could source our own product, and customize it and do all these cool things.”

Kier and Friedman cofounded LOLA as a way to not only provide women with greater convenience, but to also use it as an opportunity to create a new kind of tampon free from artificial fibers like rayon or polyester, as well as free from any of the kind of hidden chemicals and dyes used in the production of some popular brands’ tampons. They’ve created an entirely new tampon made of 100 percent cotton – all-natural and biodegradable.

LOLA offers light, regular, and super tampons that come in boxes of 18. Subscribers to the service decide how many boxes to receive per shipment, as well as decide on how many of each kind of tampon they want in each box (you can mix-and-match between lights, regulars, and supers). From there, you just tell LOLA how frequently you want that order shipped to your home.

LOLA officially launched its tampon subscription service today with seed funding from some pretty big-name investors, including BoxGroup, VaynerRSE, Andy Dunn, 14W, and Josh Kushner and Will Gaybrick from Thrive Capital.

Check out LOLA now.

(H/T TechCrunch)

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