Fit Lose It! Partners with Rise to Help You Get Fit

April 20, 2015

9:00 am

As someone who’s been dealing with weight issues for over a decade (The struggle is real), I can confidently say that staying fit requires work. If you want to lead a healthy life, you have to put the fries down and get moving. You also need encouragement. There are many apps that help with your weight management but none as comprehensive as Lose It! app. The startup announced a partnership with one-on-one personalize nutrition coaching service Rise.

Lose It!’s users will now be able to share their daily food and exercise tracking data with one of Rise’s licensed coaches to receive individualized feedback, advice, recipe ideas and even fitness suggestions.

“Lose It! is all about giving our members weight loss that fits their life and goals,” said Charles Teague, co-founder and CEO of Lose It!. ”Some people just want to track their calories and stay on budget; others are looking for more advice, support and professional guidance. Coaching is a natural extension of our program and integrating Rise, the category leader, is another step in our digital health and fitness strategy.”

The process will be seamless: Lose It! users can just input their information on the app and receive feedback from a Rise dietitians. This is a smart new function for Lose It! users who feel their progress is slowing down or they are not getting any leaner.

rise and lose it!

“Based on the information you input daily, we help you understand how to make the right choices when it comes to your eating habits,” said Suneel Gupta, founder and CEO of Rise. “Up until now, health and fitness apps have been focused solely on recording and tracking data. We’re excited to partner with Lose It! because we believe that giving people personalized advice and feedback on specific food choices will allow them to build even more healthy, sustainable habits for life.”

According to researchers at Tufts University from the Friedman School of Nutrition Science & Policy, the best recipe for weight loss lies in adding certain foods to the diet and avoiding others. Just counting calories and exercising in not enough.  Most health and fitness apps today focus solely on recording and tracking data, without providing users the context and color they need to make smart choices.

The future of health and fitness apps lies in their ability to provide users with that context, and use the data collected to give them advice that will help them meet their goals. The partnership between Lose It! and Rise is the first significant step toward this new generation of intelligent, personalized health and fitness services. Both Rise and Lose It! have strategic partnerships with a variety of leading health and fitness brands, employers and medical institutions.

Lose It! currently has over 24 million users and it’s available only in the US and Canada, so these user numbers don’t include the rest of the world.  Rise has over 100 active dietitians and coaches. The summer is just around the corner and if you’re looking to get fit, try it out! Use code LOSEIT25 and you can get 25% off first payment.

 Image Credit: Natasia Causse on Flickr

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