Low-Cost Cloud Storage from Backblaze Comes Out of Beta

January 11, 2016

3:00 pm

Backblaze, a company known for its small to medium business-and enterprise-level backup solutions, recently announced they would be getting into the cloud storage market. After a short, closed-beta period, Backblaze is now releasing the project to the public.

The service, called B2, is trying to differentiate themselves from mammoths like Amazon Web Services and Microsoft’s Azure by offering cloud storage services at a much lower price than those same competitors. The company realized that thanks to their backup solutions, they were essentially already equipped to offer cloud storage and began to build the platform necessary for the transition.

Backblaze is offering cloud storage for cheaper than any current major competitor. Compared to Amazon, who charges $.03 per gigabyte, Backblaze is priced at only $.005 per gig. While these might seem like small difference, the difference in price are apparent once you begin discussing storage in terms of terabytes, or 1,000 gigabytes.

During the beta period, customers had nothing but praise for the service, but a full-scale release can bring to light issues not seen in a small, closed beta. However, Backblaze was prepared for the influx of new clients and made sure to bolster their hardware and software in the wake of a release to the public. The new storage pods used by Backblaze improve on almost all aspects of the old ones, including greatly improved motherboards and networking, and quad-core CPUs compared to the old dual-core ones used in the previous pods.

All of this new technology is great, but Backblaze has a lot to prove if they plan on contending with the likes of Amazon, Google, and Microsoft. While the price might be right, they will have to prove that they are solid competitor by continuing to make advances in their business model, providing top-notch security for their clients, and by keeping down time to practically zero.


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