Low-Cost Ways to Stay Healthy in 2016

December 16, 2015

4:00 pm

It’s that time of year when we indulge in more food than our bodies can really take (did you know that studies show the average weight gain throughout the holidays is about 1 to 3 pounds?). That’s about one pound a week throughout the course of an entire month. Not to mention the additional pounds that come from those holiday treats. And who doesn’t love those treats? I sure do. According to the Calorie Control Council you can average more than 4,500 calories and 220 grams of fat at holiday parties. Don’t be that guy..and you don’t have to. For 2016, there are several low-cost ways for you to stay healthy (even if you’re a busy entrepreneur).

As a marketer, I work in a high-stress environment. Living a healthy lifestyle is important to me – holidays or not. But throughout the holiday season, I do need to do little things to keep me motivated and going. I don’t know about you, but this is often how I find myself feeling during the holidays:


It’s so easy to say “yes” to a happy hour or a holiday gathering in lieu of going to the gym and doing the same, monotonous fitness routines. If you think the holiday indulgence won’t catch up to you, then think again: whether it’s sweet, savory, non-alcohol, alcoholic or whatever else your heart desires, we all have a little sense of guilt we experience during this time of merriment and joy. And if you don’t:


So do yourself a favor: be healthy. Schedule time just like you would schedule those holiday parties that your company is throwing or the annual ugly sweater party your best friend is hosting. Make yourself a priority. Fitness takes time, and as Robin Arzon, a popular NYC street athlete/fitness instructor recently shared: “Time isn’t found. It’s made.”

To stay motivated and avoid the extra holiday love pounds, I’ve researched studios and gyms that offer free classes for first-timers. Plus, I’ve also utilized a few free apps to get me the best fitness deals out there. Here’s a list to help you make that time by sharing my favorite apps and ways I like to stay in shape throughout the holiday season. Hopefully, it’s something you can continue in the new year.

Visit a New Gym

Most studios and gyms offer a free first class, trial week, or even discounted rates for new members. Especially now, gyms are usually offering special discounted deals. Specialized gyms, especially, are great ways to dip your feet in a few different activities. Here are a few examples to check out:

  • SoulCyle – Call a studio near you to get a $20 first class! Try a variety of cycling classes with the best instructors ever. If you thought cycling wasn’t your thing, you will leave a SoulCycle class thinking it is.
  • Orange Theory – Free first class! Entertain yourself with Orange Theory classes that provide heart rate monitors to show you how hard you’re kicking your own butt. You won’t leave class with a dry speck on your clothing.
  • CorePower Yoga – Free week to new students! The holiday season is spent constantly feeling the need to give gifts to others. Give yourself a gift by getting to your yoga mat and keeping yourself grounded. From vinyasa to yoga sculpt classes, you won’t regret giving a CorePower Yoga studio a try.
  • Barry’s Bootcamp – Your first class should cost around $28. Treat yourself and burn up to 1,000 calories in once class. With Barry’s Bootcamps all over the US, you’re bound to find a workout that you won’t regret. Barry’s trainers will help you feel your best.
  • CrossFit Boxes – The first class at any CrossFit gym is usually free. You probably live within a mile proximity of a CrossFit box in a city near you – guaranteed. Do things you never thought your body can do, or become a stronger athlete. CrossFit can help you get there. They usually allow you a free class to see if CrossFit is a right fit for you. Who knows – you may walk out and be transformed. Paleo may become your lifestyle!


The app is free and membership is $119 a month. The monthly membership gets you the option of trying three classes, per one studio, per month. Best part? You have thousands of classes to choose from. Classpass is a great way to try out new studios and gyms, especially for those traveling entrepreneurs who like variety and need the flexibility, and for those who dislike traditional gyms. Disclaimer: If you reserve a class and don’t show up or cancel, you can be charged $20. Once you reserve, commit yourself to going. Reach those goals and burn off a holiday cookie (or two).

Nike Training Club  (NTC)

With the free NTC App, you can be your own trainer with the help of experienced Nike trainers to guide you. The app allows you to create your own program and syncs with the Nike+ Running App. Also, you can find various workouts Nike is doing in your own city. This winter, NTC Chicago created a floating gym on lit-up river barge that hosted free training sessions. Check out what NTC offers in a city near you through the #BetterForIt hashtag.

Groupon / Gilt City / Living Social

All three apps are free, and classes found through their deals usually start at around $20 and often come in packs or sets of multiple classes or sessions. They are absolutely clutch for finding fitness class packages, unlimited month memberships, and more. From yoga to boxing, and even massage therapy – these sites will give you the best bang for your buck.

So there you have it, four ways you can start, stay healthy during the holidays and help you pursue your 2016 health goals. Don’t become a statistic – get out there and be the best you. Treat yourself to something great this holiday season and carry it on into the new year!

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