Luna Joins Y Combinator, Has Unique Strategy

July 17, 2015

10:00 pm

Luna is a smart bed startup that has joined the most recent Y Combinator (YC) class. In the spring they raised over $1 million through a successful Indiegogo campaign. They also recently announced an additional $1.3 million in funding raised through private investors (who have remained unnamed).

So for the most part it appears that Luna is doing the same thing that a lot of smart startups do. They’ve crowdfunded, they’ve been accepted into one of the top incubator programs in the country, they’ve raised private funds. However, their strategy is a little bit backwards.

First of all, it turns out they raised their $1.3 million through private investors before they started the Indiegogo campaign. As Co-founder Matteo Franceschetti explained to TechCrunch, the crowdfunding campaign was more about gaining traction and getting feedback from early users, than it was about raising money.

Who knows, maybe they’re on to something. Raise money before crowdfunding? Might be a good safety net if the campaign doesn’t work out. But I’m sure it’s much easier said than done.

Since they seem to have no problem raising money, which is often the leading challenge for startups, one could question why they bothered pairing up with YC as well. According to Franceschetti, there was still value to be gained by joining YC, specifically when it comes to mentorship.  “They’re really helpful at cleaning up your mind when you have doubts.”

If you don’t really care about their startup strategy, but are more interested in being able to control the temperature of your side of the mattress, here are some of the features that Luna offers:

  • Dual zone temperatures
  • Sleep tracking
  • Smart alarm
  • Auto learning
  • Smart home integration
  • Mobile controlled

No matter how they go about making it happen, the smart mattress cover that Luna offers would be an awesome addition to any smart home. Here’s a video from their website to give you an overview of the features.…

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