Maestro Touch: Compose Music on Your iPad Even if You’re Not a Musician

November 21, 2012

11:00 am

If Beethoven were alive, he might still be picking his jaw off the floor after discovering Maestro Touch. Creators Ben Scheuer and Jay Tracy have given the world a taste of how music composition can be elevated to the next level with their new, dynamic music app. The two believe that Maestro Touch allows any musician, regardless of skill level, to experience the fun and beauty of creating original music.

Even though music creation apps like GarageBand, Scape, and Touch Piano! already exist, Scheuer and Tracy have a leg up on the competition. “All three of those apps are pretty much guitar hero for the iPad. You just press buttons or hold down buttons that create pre-recorded sounds, melodies, and chords. It all sounds good, but you don’t learn what you are playing, and you cannot truly compose your own original music.” Therein lies the true value of Maestro Touch: one learns the fundamentals of music while composing. The unique design of the app helps you figure out how to play a chord, change keys, and add different instruments – without doing everything for you.

A seasoned musician, San Diego local Jerome Duluk uses Maestro Touch to add new layers to his guitar playing. “If you don’t have a loop station or recording device, Maestro Touch will only take you so far,” Duluk explains.

“However, it is very fun to mess around with and has a lot to offer. Having all the notes and chords at the touch of a finger can be really handy when moving between guitar, piano, or computer. I found Maestro Touch most useful in making basic additions to a beat I’ve already started.”

Additionally, one can effectively bypass the struggles and mechanical complexities of traditional instruments with Maestro Touch. Through an extremely versatile UI, Maestro Touch combines elements of visual, tactile, and auditory learning styles that obliterate the learning curve while simultaneously increasing retention of musical skills.

Maestro Touch is more fluid than the competitors mentioned above, and the easy scale, key, and octave changes make it ideal for any lover of music regardless of knowledge or age. The only thing that would make this app perfect would be an Android version; we like music too! Thankfully, for the time being, we have friends with iPads, and our love of music is not disappearing anytime soon. Now, if you will please excuse me, I have to get back to my Magnum Opus.

Maestro Touch was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Denver mixer. 

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