Magnify Video & Vlog Platform In A Box

November 20, 2007

12:40 pm

Magnify, a New York-based startup, offers a platform that makes it easy to add video to any web site. The Magnify video platform lets users build a custom channel, deliver the traffic and keep the page views. Magnify acts as the backbone and eliminates the need for a site owner to reinvent the video hosting wheel while creating a social media site. Magnify also enables users to monetize via their own ad calls. Thus Magnify could be a perfect fit for someone looking for a simple way to add a video channel to a their site.

Magnify is often compared to Ning and Kickapps which offer two different social network in a box platforms. However, it is not really fair to compare the three since they all a focusing on slightly different audiences and product offerings with Magnify the only one of the three devoted to being a video platform.

Magnify has a number of established channels already launched which include RCU Videos, SecondLifeVideo and MediaVillage. However, just last week Magnify launched the ability to create video blogs channels via web cam within minutes. In addition, friend and social media maven, Chris Brogan launched Attention UPGRADE which showcases the Magnify platform and the new web cam feature in particular. Check out one of his videos (below).

This jolts Magnify into a field of video blog platforms which include, MySpace Video and another video blogger networks but since Magnify is a platform it offers more customization options than its competition.

Magnify could come in rather handy for anyone looking to launch a video
portal of curated video content or looking to host new video blog content. However, I probably
wouldn’t use Magnify if you are looking to create a video application
of some sort (i.e. a video editing suite or , since you probably are going to want to own that
infrastructure yourself.

Megan Mitchell of nextNYers interviewed CEO Steve Rosenbaum and gives additional insight about (below).

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