Magnises – A New Millennial Guide

August 11, 2015

7:00 pm

Often I catch myself thinking, “Hmmm where should I go to dinner tonight?”or “What’s a hot spot on a Monday in NYC?” We all do it. We keep going back to the same places or getting the same recommendations. Which is where frustration sets in. Realizing you have the same problem for products, clothes, etc. it only intensifies. Well no more, enter Magnises.

Magnises is building the go-to concierge platform for millennials by connecting them with new people, products, and business. Because they known their members so well, they’re able to give real-time, personalized recommendations that are much more impactful than those of generic concierge services. (Sign me up pronto!)

I sat with CEO + Founder Billy McFarland last week to chat about how to secure my own membership.

What type of person is a Magnises person?

The majority of our members are between the ages of 21-35 and come from a diverse mix of industries including fashion, tech, finance, marketing, and the arts.

What cities are you in?

We’re currently in New York City and Washington, DC, but plan to be in 5 cities by the end of the year. (Including the Midwest & South.)

List a few advantages of a membership

The advantages of the membership include access to our 6,000+ member network, our Member Spaces (an NYC penthouse and a DC rooftop pool and lounge), daily events and experiences, and our real-time concierge app, Magnises Now. Magnises Members pay a $250 annual fee that gives them access to our incredible member network, all events and experiences, the Magnises Now concierge app, and the Member Spaces in both NYC and DC.

Tell me the coolest thing Magnises has done thus far? 

It’s hard to pick, but some of my favorites are the Tesla test drives on a closed airport runway, virtual reality demos with Samsung, and private concerts with Action Bronson, Rick Ross, and Wale.

Tell me more about the story behind the innovation. 

There are many mediums out there that can tell you what to do and where to do it, but so few that can actually tell you when and why to do those things, especially not at scale. Urban millennials always want to know where the hot spot is right now, what is trending, and when and how they can get involved. Magnises answers those questions by being a real-time, personalized concierge that has the capacity to enhance every lifestyle decision, even at scale.

How does a company get involved to offer benefits?

Magnises is a unique medium for brands and businesses to expose our members, who are in their target demographic, to innovative products and services. We love to work with businesses whose mission and branding align closely with ours, as those seem to capture our members’ attention the best.

Where do you see Magnises in 5 years?

Our current markets of focus are NYC and DC, where we currently have over 6,000 members. We plan to bring the Magnises experience to 10 cities in the next 12 months and plan to be in 50 cities globally by 2020. 10. Do you see it becoming a cultural definer? Yes, our members already completely trust and rely on us to curate their free time, and so there’s no doubt in my mind that Magnises will be a must-have professional and social catalyst for millennials across the world.

So millennials – take note & get on the list. Gossip Girl would be jealous. xoxo.

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