Make Air Travel Fun Again with Social Travel Site Airpair

May 24, 2011

3:00 pm

Traveling by air seems to get worse every year. Security rules randomly change, or are just draconian – my entire family, including my little kids, got patted down at Schipol Airport in the Netherlands last month.  Miles don’t get you to first class as easily as they used to.  Legroom (unless you were luck enough to get upgraded) is a thing of the past.

A brand new LA-startup – so new they haven’t launched their beta site or app yet – wants to make air travel fun again.

Give Airpair your tentative travel itinerary (meaning, before you book), and they will connect you to other people who are also thinking about traveling at the same time and who you might find particularly interesting.

Founders Mike Townsend (working out of the Coloft in Santa Monica) and Chris Swasey (who quit another startup to join Mike) are launching the beta site at Tech Cocktail Los Angeles tonight and are eager for feedback, so be sure to stop by and check it out.


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