Infographic: How to Make Your First eCommerce Sale

November 30, 2014

4:00 pm

Ecommerce now accounts for about 10% of all retail sales and in the U.S alone, and online retail sales are expected to easily reach $300 billion over the next twelve months. How ever you look at it, eCommerce is a vital part of running a retail business these days and whether you run a small enterprise from home or have aspirations for something much larger, you need to embrace the opportunities that this medium offers you.

Networking via Facebook and inspiring potential customers using Pinterest are just two valuable online tools at your disposal and the real USP of eCommerce, is that you get the chance to compete with major retailers in a way that simply wasn’t possible even 10 years ago. You might not have the budget to advertise your business in a big way but as this infographic by Shopify shows you, the publicity and exposure for your business that you can achieve with a bit of creative marketing is simply amazing.

If you are lucky enough to strike it big with a YouTube video that goes viral or simply build up a steady stream of interest using Facebook likes, the opportunities for eCommerce using online resources are phenomenal.

There are plenty of other tools to boost your eCommerce turnover, such as using SEO rankings and finding ways to stand out from the crowd on comparison shopping engines. You can even try and become a consumer champion if you want to, by writing a controversial or highly entertaining series of blog post’s, that get you noticed and help build valuable loyalty in your audience.

A lot of the things you can do online only cost you your time, but there are also plenty of ways that you can advertise your business, using Facebook adverts and Google AdWords for example. With eCommerce, you have all the resources at your disposal to really make a success of your business.

First eCommerce Sale Dima

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