MakerBot Receives All-Star Investors in Recent Funding Round

September 30, 2011

3:30 pm

MakerBot, a company that manufactures personal manufacturing machines, recently announced it is taking a $10 million venture investment round of capital, with Foundry Group leading the way.

Not the typical web startup, MakerBot has the hardest of hardware blood coursing through its veins.  Their machines democratize manufacturing and make 3D printing more accessible to everyone.  3D printing is, well, it is not printing on 3D objects, but actually printing 3D objects.  Engineers call this additive manufacturing technology – it creates 3D objects by laying down successive layers of material.

The entrepreneur-friendly investor Brad Feld fell in love with the MakerBot gang after a visit to the Botcave in Brooklyn.  As a former chief technology officer and Massachusetts Institute of Technology graduate, Feld is not only an all-star investor, but a logical fit – a savvy hardware bird taking MakerBot under his wing. He will surely help them reach their goals quicker.

This $10 million venture round isn’t a seed round; they’ve already gone through the trying times infant startups typically struggle with. They have come out the other side still breathing, while turning a $75, 000 seed investment into 5,200 MakerBots.  No biggie.  The all-star lineup of investors in the round includes investments from Bezos Expeditions, True Ventures, RRE, along with many other angel investors.

The machines have already taken over and met with success.  After developing a nerd crush on the MakerBot team, Foundry Group wanted everything to do with MakerBot.  Mr. Feld forecasts that “in 20 years, 3D printers will be as ubiquitous as laser printers are today.”  All I have to say is, watch out China….

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