Mamá Knows Best: Motherly Advice For Entrepreneurs

May 11, 2014

10:00 am

Mother’s Day is upon us, and we couldn’t end this series on Andres Moreno at Tech Cocktail Miami Sessions without mentioning one of the event’s highlights: Moreno’s mother, Marianela Jimenez. 

She briefly joined her son on stage, and when asked asked about being the mother of the co-founder and CEO of Open English, she explained that at times it was very difficult.

“To me the worst part was knowing that he only has $1 left,” said Jimenez . She was referring to when Moreno quit university and moved to San Francisco in pursuit of funding his dream.

“Something I admired of him is his perseverance,” she said. And it paid off, with Open English raising $130 million in funding and potentially filing for an IPO next year. At one point, Jimenez was even an angel investor of Open English.

photo 1

But like any wise mother, Mrs. Moreno offered some words of advice to the audience of entrepreneurs:

“It wasn’t easy, but if you want to become an entrepreneur, you must have perseverance and don’t think you will only work 8 hours. This kid [Moreno] is always working, his mind never rests. He is always thinking ‘what’s next?’ He is always talking to everyone,” says Jimenez.

As the saying goes, “The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.”

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