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May 12, 2010

3:11 pm

As more and more companies start to use social media to build their brands and reach their  customers, the need to gather information on how effective their efforts are and understand general brand sentiment begins to grow.  This can generate huge amounts of data and it can be difficult to zero in on what is important amongst all the noise.

Loudpixel, a Chicago based startup, has developed a set of tools and services to allow you to get a clear and concise view of your social media efforts.  The services include:

  • Real Sentiment – analysts read and assign sentiment to your posts for accuracy
  • Conversation Trends Over Time – see how your brand performed over time against competitors. Chart spikes are annotated so you know why the graph jumped and who was responsible.
  • Competitive Share of Voice – compare total conversations about your brand or company with competitors to see who has the highest share of conversation in your market.
  • Detailed Topic Analysis – Loudpixel breaks down raw data and shows you what topics are popular among your customers.
  • Media Type Analysis – see what parts of the web, beyond Twitter, are driving conversation.
  • Influencers – find out what people and websites are driving the conversation around your product or service on a weekly basis.

Interestingly, loudpixel is human powered, which may be a real differentiator in an increasingly crowded market.  If  their analysts and software (they call “Levee”) can really help businesses cut through the noise turning data into intelligence, loudpixel could have an advantage. Levee interacts with Radian6 and Jive to pull raw data for tagging and sentiment analysis. Analysts then build custom graphs and write reports that get delivered to the client via Levee’s brand dashboard–all from the browser. All reports can be accessed anytime from the dashboard and can be exported out in PDF form.

Loudpixel will be demoing as a showcased startup at TECH cocktail Chicago 13 on Thursday, May 13th, 2010 at John Barleycorn in Wrigleyville.

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Mark Bebawy (@markbebawy) is a Washington, D.C. metro native with a passion for all things web, social media, and startup related. Mark has an extensive background in technology, having worked in the field running his own IT consulting company that catered to small business.

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