Managing a Project? Keep Everyone on the Same Page with TeamGantt

May 4, 2012

5:00 pm

Project management is not for the faint of heart.  If you can successfully shepherd a complex, months-long project with multiple stakeholders from beginning to end, you have the skills, should you ever want to start a new career, of a world class cat herder.

The hardest part of project management, of course, is just keeping everyone on the same page, and this is exactly the problem that Nathan Gilmore and John Correlli ran into while writing software for Correlli’s family’s commercial roofing company.

“We would use gantt chart software to schedule our projects because we liked have a nice project schedule,” Gilmore said.  “However, as the project progressed it was difficult to keep the schedule updated because we were using desktop software and I was the only one that had access to the schedule.  That meant that I had to do all the updates and changes.  I would then have to print it out and give another copy to everyone with the changes.  We couldn’t find a good web based project scheduling tool so we decided to build one ourselves.”

Hence, TeamGantt was founded to create simple, collaborative web-based project scheduling software. Their customers include teams from Twitter, Sony, Oracle, BP, MLS, Turner Broadcasting, Expedia and others.  “We also have lots of small businesses that use TeamGantt,” continued Gilmore.  “We have everything from startups, creative agencies, construction companies, event planners, and pretty much any business that has projects they need to schedule.”

Before they began working on it, Gilmore and Correlli did something really smart: they decided to find out if there was even a market for this.  So, they put up a basic landing page announcing their platform and ended up with email addresses of 7 people who were interested.  Excited that other people liked the idea, they began working on TeamGantt at the end of 2009.  By the time it launched at the end of 2010, 1,400 people had submitted their emails.

“We put a lot of focus on keeping things simple for our users,” said Gilmore.  “Typically project scheduling software can be confusing and hard to use.  We spend a lot of time and effort making sure we keep our product simple and easy to understand.”

TeamGantt was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Baltimore mixer this past Wednesday night. 

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