MapMyFitness and Purina Pro Plan Announce Joint Health Initiative for Humans and Dogs

October 7, 2013

3:00 pm

Every now and then, I like to pick up some snacks off the ground while strolling through the park. Truly, I blame it on our sense of smell – I mean what are we to do when when there’s a half-eaten order of fries 2,000 feet away? Just avoid it? False. That’s free food! But do you know what’s better than free food? Free food for a year! MapMyFitness and Purina Pro Plan are sponsoring a “Leash On” Challenge, a 45-day virtual competition among dogs and our humans that could win you a year’s worth of Purina Pro Plan dog food (among other things).

The competition is part of a larger partnership between the human exercise tracking platform and premium pet food provider. There are currently 20 million humans in the MapMyFitness community. Knowing that humans cannot possibly survive without us by their sides, MapMyFitness is incorporating new features on its platform that highlights Purina Pro Plan’s mission (that all of us dogs have the potential to be great, if we can stop eating sidewalk fried chicken). 20 million dogs strong! This will be our generation’s great movement of some sort (my apologies for the blatant naiveté, but I’ve never been good with canine history).

As part of this partnership, Purina Plo Plan and MapMyFitness are introducing several new ways through which dog and human companion alike can exercise their hindquarters (and, I don’t know, show a certain German Shepherd what she’s missing out on…), on top of the “Leash On” challenge:

  • Purina Pro Plan Fitness Group: A group of dogs and humans that come together to sniff each other’s butts, log each other’s workouts, get training tips, and overall talk about nutrition and exercise (is it more beneficial to chase after squirrels or rats?).
  • New Features on MapMyFitness: Our owners can now choose “Dog Run” as an option on the mobile applications. If only there was a way to get Frank or Jen to actually “run” – their 8mph is way too slow for me.
  • Mobile Integration: Purina Pro Plan P5 accounts can now be synced with MapMyFitness accounts, so that our own activity can be monitored! Get your owner to download the P5 app here.

Well, what are you waiting for?  Get your owner to join the Leash On challenge. I’ll see you at the park!

To learn more about this exclusive partnership, join the Purina Pro Plan Fitness Group. Joining is simple, and all workouts can be logged directly from the Group and Challenge page, or through the award-winning suite of MapMyFitness mobile applications, including MapMyRun, MapMyRide and MapMyWalk, available on iOSAndroidBlackberry and Windows Phone

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