7 Ways Marketers Benefit from the US Presidential Election

September 23, 2016

4:00 pm

With the election coming up, marketers are enjoying this time of year. They have so many benefits that come their way when it comes time for an election year. A marketer’s main goal is to take advantage of all of the marketing benefits without taking a side between the two presidential candidates and getting sidetracked within the election. Here are 7 ways marketers benefit from the presidential campaign.

Real-Time Marketing on Social Media

With politicians using real-time events to post about their campaign on social media, marketers can do the same thing. Social media has many benefits, especially these days when you can set what you are posting to show to your friend’s audience and reach even more people than who is in your inner circle. Not only can you reach your friends audience, but you can reach even more people than that by setting your post sharing to public. This can increase your reach to the maximum.

Dating Sites

With the presidential election making people disagree with each other like never before, this is one way for dating sites to get more customers. There have even been some marketers who have opened up dating sites just for those who are in the same political party to meet up with each other and get to know each other better. This is one good way for marketers to take advantage of the election year.

A Community Feel

Bringing people together to get that community feel during an election year is another benefit for marketers during this time of year. Since the presidential election touches a lot of people every time there is one, marketers can take advantage of this by using the community and bringing people together to show what they have for people. One example is what Pizza Hut is doing during the presidential campaign. They are telling people it is a good idea to sit and eat pizza together as a family while watching the presidential debate. That is one smart way to get your brand out there among everyone.

Media and Public Relations

Just like what the presidential campaign is doing, using the media and public relations to get your brand recognized is a good idea for marketers as well. You don’t have to be running for president to use the media and public relations to get your name out there among people. You want to get your name out there among as many people as you can and get them all talking about you. This is another great way marketers are able to benefit from the presidential campaign.

Direct Mail Marketing

Just because social media and TV are the best ways to get your name out there and people talking about your brand, you still shouldn’t forget about direct mail marketing. Although it may not be as popular as social media and TV, it still works because people still check their mail every day. Make some brochures, leaflets, and business cards and send them out to as many people as you can. Sticking business cards and brochures under the windshield wipers of cars is a great way to get your brand noticed as well.

Targeting Your Real Audience

You must target your real audience before you will see results from your efforts. One way marketers can take advantage of targeting their real audience is by creating polls and surveys and putting them on social media to have people answer them. Ask them if they might like to try what you have to offer. Ask them if they tried what you had to offer, if they would buy it in the future. This way you can send out samples to those who answered your poll or survey giving your potential new customers a chance to try your product or service knowing that if they like it, they will buy it in the future to use again.

Embracing Technology

Marketers can benefit from using technology just like politicians can. Technology is a great way for marketers to get their brand out there and known among the many people these days. From the Internet to mobile phones, using technology is a major benefit for marketers to become well known to who they want to become known to.


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AJ Agrawal is an entrepreneur, speaker, and writer. He is the CEO and Co-Founder at Alumnify Inc.

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