The Marketer’s Guide to Video Keyword Research

June 15, 2015

4:19 pm

Video is a powerful marketing tool and if properly optimized, can be rewarded by Google in search results. Keyword research is an important step to ensuring more engagement and views for your videos, especially when optimizing for Google-owned, YouTube.

To perform keyword research for your videos, you first need to know what people are searching for and how they are searching for it. When researching the best keywords for your videos, you want to look for keyword phrases that are relevant to your product or service, have a decent volume of traffic, and are already generating video results on the first page of Google search results.

So how can you find these “video keywords” to optimize your video content? Here are some of the best tools to use.

Google Search Result Videos


When doing video keyword research, It is important to keep in mind that Google tends to generate video results in popular categories such as how-to’s or tutorials, product reviews, and fitness or sports-related searches. Focus on trying to find video keywords that are most likely to show video results in Google by doing this step first. Google’s algorithm is sophisticated enough to know for which topics searchers would rather watch a video than read an article, so simply begin by typing your topic into Google search and seeing if other video content appears.

The Autocomplete Feature on YouTube


YouTube‘s autocomplete feature is a great way to find suggested keyword phrases. As you begin typing in the search box, a drop-down menu appears with suggested results, providing a number of potential keyword phrases to incorporate in your videos.

Google Trends


Google Trends provides an in-depth look at popular search queries and traffic patterns for topics over specified times and locations. You can enter multiple terms related to your product or service, choose “Web Search”, then “YouTube Search”, and view graphical information about the popularity of those terms over a given time period.

Google’s “Trending on YouTube” Tool


Another powerful tool to gather video keywords is with Google’s “Trending on YouTube” tool. Filter results by country and date, and receive a list of the 50+ hottest videos of that moment. Analyze the keywords used in these popular videos to generate catchy titles for your own video content.

videokeywords6 uses Google and YouTube’s autocomplete functionality to generate a variety of long-tail keyword phrase suggestions based on any root keyword. You’ll need to pay in order to view search volume for the long-tail keyword suggestions, however, navigate over to the YouTube tab and the free version is beyond effective at generating a thorough list of long-tail keyword phrases you can use for your videos.

YouTube Trends Dashboard


YouTube Trends is a visual dashboard featuring a series of handy tools, such as this video map, that shows which videos are trending right now. It includes filters to explore trending videos in different cities, countries, as well as within specific demographic groups. This is yet another powerful way to analyze popular keyword phrases that work well on YouTube, as well as with your target demographic.

Once you’ve put together your list of target video keywords, review the estimated search volume and level of competition for your keywords using Google’s Keyword Planner. Focus on the keywords with relatively low to medium competition first. If there are keywords with high competition that you want to go after, you can keep them on your list, just be sure to monitor and adjust your keyword usage based on the performance of your videos.

What tools have you tried for discovering optimal video keywords? Share with us in the comments.

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