Marquee is Is like Yahoo Weather for Movies

May 16, 2015

12:00 pm

You may want to share the most useful information in the world, but if the communication channel you are using is fuzzy, the information will be lost. The same goes for apps: If the design is easy to understand, quick to read, and the user gets clear information, you have a solid base for engaging users. Marquee, the elegant movie app, is a good example of that. And it reminds me of Yahoo Weather.

I like the Yahoo Weather app. Fact is, I had tested many weather apps before I ended up using this one. Ask your friends why they are using the Yahoo Weather app instead of other apps providing the same information, and you’ll mostly get the same response: It’s an app with great graphics, it’s easy to understand, and it provides clear, reliable information at a glance.

Now, if we are talking about movies, obtaining clear, easy-to-read information quickly becomes a more complicated task, so my expectations were pretty high when I first opened Marquee, but I have to admit that the graphics convinced me. And like Yahoo Weather, you really want an app that dominates any other movie finding app on your phone.

Marquee - Movie

Built on a community-based movie database called, Marquee can be considered a Yahoo Weather app for movies. Created by Impekable – known for Pinstagram, whose design services have been used by Groupon, LegalZoom, Kohl’s, etc. – Marquee took an Apple-like focus on beautiful visuals alongside relevant information you’d expect from a movie application.

Marquee was recently updated to include neat features such as the ability to bookmark movies you want to see, and get video reviews and show times for movies in theatres. What I specifically loved was the ability to purchase a movie from iTunes from within the app.

After you start using Marquee, I’m pretty sure it will be hard to go back to other apps such as ToDoMovies, Kritik, etc. I loved the visuals and the design choices. Everything is set up to deliver easy-to-read information, which is neat when you want to find out more about a movie quickly.
During my testing, I had minor performance issues – too many spinning wheels – but hopefully, the developers will solve this in future updates.

Overall, Marquee is an app you should try out. Creating an account is super-easy – you can log in using Facebook or Twitter – and you are good to go. Marquee is available for free in the App Store [download link].

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