MassChallenge Comes to Switzerland

December 22, 2015

4:00 pm

The Boston, MA-based startup accelerator MassChallenge has recently announced that it will expand its global accelerator network into Switzerland. According to a press release, the country was selected based on the strength of its ecosystem to support entrepreneurs, particularly in terms of access to innovative enterprises and expertise in many advanced areas of technology and manufacturing.

MassChallenge is currently present in Boston, London and Jerusalem. Based in the Lake Geneva region, the new accelerator will attract startups from the world over and grant them access to Switzerland’s unique innovation culture and prowess in high technology.

“Switzerland is a well-established leader for innovation and industry. Launching a new accelerator in Switzerland that is connected with our other global hubs will dramatically expand the open innovation, collaboration and entrepreneurial ecosystem in Switzerland, as well as greatly enhance the MassChallenge network in Europe”, said MassChallenge founder and CEO John Harthorne in the release.

Switzerland remains the most innovative country in the world and ranks first in the Global Innovation Index (GII) for the fourth time in a row. Both this level of innovation and the local talent available make Switzerland a top choice for groups looking to establish a presence outside of the United States.

In terms of what is important, the number one, the most important, is people. Companies know if they don’t have the right people in place, they won’t succeed. It is a fact that in Switzerland there are highly skilled people at all levels. Startups and major companies alike (Google, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Fossil Group) have moved to Switzerland to benefit from the people and the culture of innovation.

Now, more startups will have the opportunity to establish and grow. Applications for the MassChallenge Switzerland 2016 program will open on February 10, 2016. The first program will start in June 2016 and run through October.

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Daniel Bangser is the Director of U.S. Investment Promotion for the Swiss government’s trade and investment agency Switzerland Global Enterprise. You can find him on LinkedIn.

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