Become a Master of Card Tricks with the iSleight App

December 20, 2015

6:00 pm

Forget about your worries for a few minutes, and come with me to observe the somewhat insane: I invite you to do magic. You don’t need anything else but yourself, your iPhone, and an app called iSleight that will help to turn the evening into something magical.

The majority of us love card tricks. But, you know – much like yourself, I’m sure – I tried, and for some reason it simply didn’t work out. However, I’m always stunned when I see those card magicians in action. But since I never managed to get it done – maybe I was too lazy to practice, I can admit that – card tricks remained instead on my wish list: perhaps some day when I have the time and nerves . . .

isleight-0iSleight, however, comes as a great alternative. You can perform tricks anywhere: you don’t need flat surfaces, props, or an Internet connection, just your iPhone. It packs a standard 52-card deck and, with some knowledge of the tricks incorporated into the app, it will turn you into a magician in an instant.

The key for the fun times ahead is that you make a prediction – you select a card from the “prediction” list, either on a sheet of paper or from physical cards. It is really up to you. Since the app does one trick and does it well, the “garnish” is up to you: Think of some funny text to hype the magic.



After selecting the card of your preference, you show the spectator that the deck on your iPhone is constantly shuffling, meaning that every tap – even on the same card – will show a different card.

By using the two hidden buttons in the app (one in the lower-left corner and the second on the right), you give the spectator the phone and let her/him select a card after scrolling through the deck. Of course, then you will be able to reveal your prediction, because the app is designed to do that.

Using iSleight is much easier than learning card tricks on physical cards, because it requires only that you know where the two hidden buttons are, and that you’ll need to swipe to reveal your prediction instead of just tapping on the screen. The catch is that you never let the spectator swipe – if you do, you must lock the swiping feature to preserve the magic.

Overall, iSleight is fun and easy to use and master, but it needs some practice from the magician to mask the swiping gesture. The only question is: Is it worth $5 to you? Download iSleight from the App Store

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