Circa’s Motto: Save Time, Stay Informed [VIDEO]

March 24, 2015

10:00 am

How often do you see people sitting and reading the actual, physical newspaper? Matt Galligan, CEO and cofounder of Circa, realized one day while waiting for his coffee that our culture surrounding news consumption has shifted: we don’t read for 30 minutes after we get coffee, we want to read our news in the three minutes it takes to get our coffee.

He began asking a simple question once that realization dawned on him – why isn’t our news reading experience tailored for that? Further, if you look at a company like Instagram, you could say that they took off in place of Flicker because they did in fact tailor their experience to fit the mobile first approach.

Circa is a mobile first company. It’s something they’ve been completely born out of. Galligan and his team wanted to build the Instagram for news, exclusively on mobile, focusing on format instead of articles.

To that end Galligan has built Circa around the motto of saving time and staying informed. They don’t want to waste their users’ time with superfluous information and link baiting headlines – everything they do is about respect for the reader.

They even go the extra mile when it comes to journalistic ethics, something they’ve built into the very fabric of Circa’s company culture. All of the editorial guidelines are published so anybody can read them, and every writer is required to cite their sources next to every paragraph.

Sure, you could say that for Galligan to attempt to shift habitual actions surrounding news consumption was a huge risk, but he would say right back to you that risk is something you need to get places in the world. The potential reward for taking big risks far outweighs the potential detriment.

At our SXSW event this year Galligan came by for an interview, and we got some insight into what keeps entrepreneurs driving forward and taking these risks. Here’s the video:



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