Mavericks Brings Science to Men Skincare Products

November 1, 2016

12:50 pm

In the startup world, simplicity is the key to success. If you have three founders when you can survive with two, you’re likely not going to see a funding round for quite some time. Trimming the fat and getting back to basics is a practice seen across the business world and adhering to it can make all the difference in your next venture.

This ideology is at the core of skincare company, Mavericks. In an industry filled with excessive fillers, unnecessary nutrients, and added flavors, this company has sought out to bring customers the best skincare products without all the added to-do. By changing the way skincare products are researched, made, and sold, this Silicon Valley based company will finally make buying cosmetics simple.

“There was a massive amount of over-innovation, throwing in speculative ingredients with no research-backed science,”  said Brad Yim, the CEO and founder of Mavericks in a press release. “We just felt like there was too much confusion, too many products. We wanted Mavericks to get people in a simple routine.”

The science behind the brand is sound, particularly considering their founder’s impressive background. As an MIT graduate and former software engineer, Brad Yim is equipped with the knowledge, the know-how, and the drive to bring skincare products to consumers that actually need them. Whether you’re looking for a facial scrub kit or shaving products, this company can help more than any other.

If you’ve ever walked down the cereal aisle of a popular grocery store, you know that options are not always a good thing. It’s been proven on more than one occasion that having unlimited choices often causes unhappiness and dissatisfaction. In a world full of choices, Mavericks is a refreshing change of pace, creating a product that satisfies a need without all the extra features.

Photo: Mavericks

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