TableRunner Eliminates Food Waste with Meal Delivery App

April 6, 2016

6:11 pm

Everyday, companies are finding out that professional success and social consciousness are not mutually-exclusive. Many are finding that taking the environment into consideration when drawing up a business plan can yield some pretty positive results. TableRunner is one of those companies, and their plan to eliminate food waste through a meal delivery app is a big step towards corporate responsibility.

The process is quite simple; pick your meals from a weekly menu of seasonally inspired dishes, receive your frozen meals on Tuesdays and heat them up any day of the week. These meals are not only created with local ingredients by experienced chefs, they also cut down on food waste by making costumers plan ahead. Meals are even  prepared in a facility that is 100 percent powered by solar energy and delivered in recyclable boxes so that zero carbon footprint is left behind.

The need for a service like this is more than apparent. One-third of the world’s produced food is wasted on a yearly basis. This is not only a drain on food resources but other resources as well, like water, power, land, labor and capital. It also puts an unsafe amount of pressure on the environment with the release of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere.

The main goal of socially-conscious companies like TableRunner is to make moral actions convenient. Struggle and effort are the only things keeping most people from changing the world and, with a simple meal delivery app like this one, you can positively impact the world one meal at a time.

“Our mission is to make ‘healthy’ conveniently accessible and sustainable by defining the next evolution of the fresh-to-consumer experience,” said Tablerunner’s CEO Ryan Tu in a statement. “TableRunner is the latest step in planned convenience. Convenience used to be defined by canned food in your pantry or frozen food in your freezer. With TableRunner, convenience means having a chef-prepared meal made with wholesome, locally sourced ingredients readily accessible in your refrigerator.

And don’t forget about the perks! Socially-conscious companies like TableRunner are finally finding a section of the market to call their own and people are taking notice. Some of these companies have become so popular that strict standards are being put in place to protect companies and consumers that aim to better the world. These standards will prevent shareholder interests from muddying up the waters of societal progression.

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