3 Fast Tips to Improve a Medium Blog in Minutes

July 25, 2016

8:00 pm

Medium is a fun blogging network that’s younger and cooler than WordPress, but it’s also a bastion of the open web: Granted, founder Ev Williams attempt to fight the rapidly monopolizing web is to rule as the benevolent dictator over Medium, but I’ll take that over an unexplained algorithm tweak from Facebook, the rose-colored googles of the internet.

Anyway, all that to say: Startups looking to run a company blog will likely do better on Medium than just grafting a blog section onto their personal site. And since they’ll be on Medium, they’ll need to know what works best. Here’s a look at three Medium blog tips that can improve your publication in next to no time, as tested and reported by the Buffer blog.

1: Add a Custom URL

Just send in a request to add a custom domain to your blog through Medium’s form. You’ll need to know a few technical tidbits to get it set up, but it’s a straightforward process.

2: Tweak the Design

Medium’s basic design has plenty of options. Change the way articles are presented on the homepage, or add a banner strip of tags that will let audiences easily track topics. See what changes look great on other publications you follow for inspiration.

3: Try Out a New Publication Title

The title can be an immediate way to show up your company’s tone, whether it’s playful or down-to-business. Buffer’s blog started out as “Social Media Tips,” then became “The Queue,” and is now the simple “Stories by Buffer.” Other fun publication titles: Slack’s blog, “Several People are Typing,” and Basecamp’s: “Signal v. Noise.”

Image: Flickr / WOCinTech

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