Meet the 24 Startups Pitching at Tech Cocktail Celebrate

October 14, 2013

5:12 pm

Tech Cocktail has spent the past year traveling far and wide, uncovering the hottest startups in cities across the country.  Each region had two Hottest Showcasing Startups, as determined by an online poll leading up to the event and a live SMS poll at the event.  We’ve invited all of these Hottest Showcasing Startups to be a part of Tech Cocktail Celebrate on October 24-25.

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Twenty four startups will pitch to a group of big-name judges.  The top five startups will move onto the second and final round, and of these five, one will emerge as the Nation’s Hottest Showcasing Startup and the winner of the Tech Cocktail Chalice.

How They Were Selected

Of the all the Hottest Showcasing Startups, Tech Cocktail’s editorial team has hand-selected the cream of the crop to participate in the Pitch competition at Celebrate.  We’ve included a small-number of startups who participated at a Tech Cocktail Mixer that didn’t win Hottest Showcasing Startup, but we felt deserved to participate.  One of the startups, Tender Caring, was selected for being the winner from Focus 100, a conference that brings together top tech companies founded/co-founded by black women.  Lastly, one spot was reserved for the Tech Cocktail reader-base to vote in their favorite of those not originally selected to Pitch.  Congratulations to 3D Film Connection for winning this final spot.


Competing startups will have the chance to win a host of great prizes, including:

Without further ado, we are excited to introduce…

The Startups Pitching at Tech Cocktail Celebrate

  • 3D Film Connection (Las Vegas, NV) – The NEO3DO 3D Android Tablet allows users to see engaging 3D images without the glasses, and convert all 2D video to 3D, and we have 3D video games, all converted real time and streaming.
  • ALICE Receptionist (Las Vegas, NV) – ALICE Receptionist is poised to revolutionize visitor management for office and commercial buildings. ALICE enables businesses to present live customer service agents on any number of kiosks, and other digital signage devices, enabling two-way and one-way video interaction with customers and employees.
  • Apruve (Minneapolis, MN) – PayPal for business spending.
  • BestBequest (Washington, D.C.) – allows users to preserve their digital legacies in the world’s first ever online digital LegacyVault. Powered by patent-pending, cloud-based technology, it gives people the tools to plan ahead for life-changing events by safely storing personal documents, such as wills or living wills, pictures, videos and other items with sentimental value, like family recipes, in the LegacyVault. In the event of a life-changing event, lets users determine who would have access to all of these digital assets, which also could include passwords to social media, financial and email accounts.
  • Brandisty (San Diego, CA) – Brandisty hosts your brand in the cloud so you can store, modify and distribute it with ease. We handle vector image resizing, typography, color pallet generation, colorspace conversions for digital and print and all without you needing to know Photoshop or Illustrator.
  • Campuscene (Denver, CO) – Campuscene is changing the college search from a daunting chore to an exciting exploration.
  • Cooleaf (Atlanta, GA) – Cooleaf uses activities and unique experiences to bring ‘corporate culture’ to life for our employer clients. By allowing employees to easily join or create activities they love (e.g. Yoga, cooking classes, running clubs, etc), we enhance camaraderie, team spirit, employee engagement, and ultimately, the health and wellness of employees.
  • CPUsage (Portland, OR) – CPUsage makes it easy to consume massive amounts of compute power in the cloud. A Platform-as-a-Service for scientists, researchers, and software developers performing high throughput and high performance compute applications at scale.
  • Dinner Lab (New Orleans, LA) – Dinner Lab is a platform for chefs to cook foods that they are truly passionate about in an unconventional way. We are a private membership based group of eclectic individuals who all share a passion for food. Our members come together to try interesting dishes not on a typical restaurant menu.
  • DucoTrax (Phoenix, AZ) – Ducotrax ensures businesses have the Right Inventory at the Right Time. It transforms the inventory tracking process from a pen, paper, and spreadsheet nightmare into a cloud-based count, track, and control solution that reduces out-of-stocks, over-stocking, and data entry errors inherent in manual processes.
  • Earmark (New York City, NY) – Skip frivolous purchases (beer), put that money toward your top spending goals (iPad), unlock offers from relevant brands (Best Buy). Earmark destroys buyer’s remorse and inspires users to spend their money unforgettably.
  • iLumi (Dallas, TX) – Light is important – it defines a space, creates atmosphere, & effects how we feel. For something so important, shouldn’t it do more than turn on and off? We’re creating a series of intelligent and tunable LED lights that are bright, simple, and open a world of amazing lighting experiences.
  • Inktd (Pittsburgh, PA) – Cloud-based, scheduling platform for tattoo shops. Inktd strengthens the relationship between shops, artists and clients by proactively managing the scheduled appointment. Inktd organizes appointments for tattoo artists, minimizing no-shows with automated rescheduling and text message reminders for clients.
  • LilyPad Solutions (Tampa Bay, FL) – Using gamification, coaching, social, and cloud principles, LilyPad provides a unique set of tools for both sales management and reps. Fully configurable to meet the specific needs of your team, LilyPad fills the gap between sales training and the CRM by setting clear expectations around daily activity, driving reps to make smarter decisions.
  • The Mad Video (San Francisco, CA) – TheMadVideo is an online platform that allows content creators and publishers, from v-loggers to brands or media companies, to monetize their videos by making any moment in them clickable. Our solution puts videos to work, making any part of them indexable, clickable and shareable, and connecting products with their marketplaces.
  • Maxwell Health (Cambridge, MA / New York City, NY) – Maxwell Health has redefined health care for businesses with a SaaS platform and service experience that dramatically simplifies employee benefits, reduces insurance costs, and improves employee health by eliminating the headache of confusing paperwork that comes with insurance and care.
  • Mavatar (Menlo Park, CA) – Mavatar is a free mobile and desktop app allowing users compare deals and styles, sharing coupons & carts, adding all products from different stores to one “smart” & “consolidated” shopping cart that finds, validates and optimizes public, personally and socially shared promos to the save time and money
  • NightPro (Miami, FL) – Venue management for the nightlife industry.
  • Partender (Gainsville, FL) – Partender reduces the time it takes managers to do bar inventory – from 6 hours to 15 minutes or less. By digitizing archaic paper-pen processes into a few taps and swipes on iOS, we enable clients to inventory more often. Our clients doing full inventory 3-4 times per week have cut theft and wastage, increasing their bottom lines by 6% in 3 months.
  • Smart PJs (Idaho Falls, ID) – Smart PJ’s are the world’s first and only interactive Kid’s Pajamas! Scan one of the 47 dot patterns on the pajamas with the Smart Device of your choice to play Bedtime Stories or fun facts about animals! How Cool is That!
  • Speek (Washington, D.C.) – Speek is super simple conference that uses a personal or business link (i.e., instead of a phone number and PIN for conference calls. Participants click the Speek link to start or join a call from their phone, web or mobile browser. Callers can see who’s joined, who’s talking, share files, use call controls and more.
  • Sweat Guru (San Francisco, CA) – SweatGuru is a marketplace that brings people together around fitness experiences. By allowing anyone to organize, discover, book, and share fitness online, SweatGuru takes the work out of working out. We help fitness professionals be more successful by offering easy to use, affordable tools for marketing, scheduling, payments, and CRM.
  • Tender Caring (New York City, NY) – TenderCaring’s online platform and mobile experience empowers families to select, manage, and stay informed about their loved one’s care.
  • Your State ID (Kansas City, KC) – Providing secured government sanctioned digital identification for people who own smart devices.

We encourage you to come and root your favorite startups on live at the competition.  Tickets are going fast.  Secure yours now.  

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