Meet and Treat New Connections with myTreat

April 28, 2013

4:00 pm

In recent years, online meeting sites and applications have focused on bringing the online connection offline for in-person meetings. The only problem is, these online sites are primarily focused on dating.

Eric Lai and Ben Tao saw this as an opportunity to build a solution for users who want to make real-world connections online, but are not looking for dates. “myTreat was created to focus more on going out and meeting people to do things rather than just chatting online,” says Tao, “but at the moment there aren’t a lot of options for in-person meetings unless you are looking to date.” This inspired them to create myTreat, a website where users can post activities or events that they want to do with a new friend. But that’s just the beginning.

myTreat is unique in that the user who posts the activity is offering to treat the user who responds. With “treating,” Lai and Tao believe that users will be more likely to respond. It acts as the catalyst to the budding relationship that users can find using myTreat, without the pressure of dating.

User’s posts start with “I will treat you to…” But how the user finishes it is up to them. The treats could be as involved as a music festival or hiking trip to as simple as a cup of coffee at the local shop. After the activity, myTreat offers an opportunity for users to capture and continue their relationships, called “TreatUps.” TreatUps are pictures that are shared to your myTreat profile to showcase the successful real-world rendezvous. TreatUps also offer users the chance to build their reputation. Users with more TreatUps tend to get more responses.

TreatUps and treating put a unique spin on “people discovery” apps, while still keeping the focus on real-world connecting rather than chatroom conversations.

myTreat was a showcased startup at our Tech Cocktail Los Angeles mixer.

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