Meet CES’s Best Tech Startups in Downtown Las Vegas

December 31, 2014

10:30 am

Tech Cocktail is honored to partner with the International CES to present Startup Night Downtown Vegas! During the CES 2015 Conference in Las Vegas, hop on a shuttle headed to Startup Night Downtown to meet some of the best tech startups at The Gold Spike.

At this casual, demo-style event offering appetizers and cocktails at one of Downtown Las Vegas’s coolest hangouts, you can mingle with other tech enthusiasts, investors, mentors, startup founders, CES 2015 attendees, and the visionaries behind the following tech startups. Stay tuned as more startups are announced!



We’re thrilled to welcome ilumi back to Las Vegas from their roots in Plano, Texas. They’ve had quite a year since visiting Tech Cocktail Week: they raised over $100,000 on Kickstarter, appeared on Shark Tank, and has brought their total funding to $1.5 million including help from investors like Mark Cuban.

ilumi tablelampThese amazing Smartbulbs enable consumers to create one-of-a-kind lighting experiences “to turn their space into a place”. With the simple approach that includes a Smartbulb that can be screwed in right out of the box and an app that can be downloaded from iTunes or Google Play, users enjoy personalized, robust, and amazing control of their lighting. ilumi HyperLux® LED technology produces more lumen output per watt than any other color-tunable Smartbulb, so you enjoy bright whites and rich saturated colors. These bulbs contain built-in memory, a clock, and use the world’s first patented Bluetooth® Low Energy wireless mesh control that allows for simple and scalable control in seconds.



motix windowsMotix comes to CES from Colorado, and provides an exciting new method of PC control. Motix provides an easy-to-use device that attaches to any computer to allow for finger movements to control mouse and touch control. You get PC interaction without ever moving your hands off the keyboard. Motix is ready to show you why no other attempts at this amazing technology  have proven to really improve the process of how people interact with their computers. “Other products may look good, but in actual usage are slower, take more work, and cause fatigue resulting in us going back to the standard way of doing things,” says founder Brent Safer.


3DRudderValerio and Stan, the founders behind 3DRudder, will be traveling from Marseille, France to demonstrate how they are changing 3D navigation, especially for Virtual Reality. A 3D mouse is inadequate and unnatural to use in a Virtual Reality setup. A 2D mouse requires movement around a specific axis, one at a time. You need to be able to move easily, naturally, precisely, and efficiently if you are operating in a 3D virtual environment. The 3D rudder is built upon the theory that you should also be seated during this experience. And the most natural way for the human species to move is to use our feet. The 3DRudder allows you to achieve very complex movements at once, keeping your hands available for keyboard controls.

ZUtA Labs

Tuvia Elbaum and Matan Caspi from Jerusalem are the founders behind this portable 3D printer. Not only has the printer itself been a bukly box for decades, but 2D printing does not offer enough versatility in options. ZUtA Labs believes that people should be able to print freely on boxes, clothes, tables, the floor, and even on walls. The Pocket Printer adds value in a user’s versatility of printing options. The company’s Kickstarter campaign has raised a host of ways that backers look forward to putting the printer to use.

pocket printer

For instance, architects can print blueprints (on actual blueprint-size paper) from the top floor of a construction site, without electricity. Pilots can print manifests straight from the cockpit. Lawyers can print evidence and documents from within the courtroom. ZUtA Labs has essentially created a robotic printer: a robot with a printhead that moves on wheels across any size paper, and prints as it rolls along the page. The company’s pre-orders and rewards on Kickstarter raised a bit over $500,ooo.



wetechThese super fashionable bracelets might be the hottest wearable technology you’ll find at CES this year! Although this accessory, from Spanish company Wearable Technologies SL, is aimed at the general public rather than early adopters and tech-savvy folks because of their ease of use, the possibilities available put it ahead of the pack. And they look much better than most of the wearables in the market. wetech adapts to designs in fashion trends and integrate the technology in them.



10SFork-userSlow control offers smart solutions for healthy eating, including the 10s fork for eating slowly, the BabyGLGl to improve a baby’s feedings, the KidSpoon for early training, and other products aimed at improving high performance training for athletes! This team from France wants to meet the need for a “real global connected solution” to follow up on behavioral eating habits by creating professional devices that enrich and facilitate heath monitoring while keeping up with the progress of scientific research. These technologies can partner with healthcare, medical companies, and food businesses.


umooveThis exciting technology provides eye tracking with a simple app download! Diagnosing brain activity can be seen through the eyes, which makes any device an advanced medical device to diagnose, track, and even train brain activity! Imagine the possibilities for ADHD, concussion, strokes, autism, Parkinson’s and more.  Umoove visits us during CES from Jerusalem, where they have raised $3.25 million in angel and seed investments, but may still be seeking funding. What an amazing opportunity. Recently featured on Bloomberg TV, Umoove proves to offer groundbreaking technology in gaming and advertising, but especially in the medical industry. The applications for eye-tracking solutions are endless.


headphone-home-page-sky3D Sound Labs creates the most immersive sound experience that everyone can use everyday, not just in the movie theater. Rather than buying a home cinema when you desire cinema-quality sound, you can wear 3D Sound Labs Headphones to discover the immersive real 3D sound. The makers of these headphones come to CES from France. Welcome to Las Vegas!




productmyBrain offers brain control technology. Based on neurofeedback, this team from France has developed a new generation of connected device to help people dealing with short-term or long-term stress without medication. myBrain Relax helps you manage your own brainwaves to safely improve your own well-being. myBrain Technologies employs a scientific board and a full team of product designers. According to their website, they are also hiring, and they tell us they are looking for funding as well.





online_imgKIDO’Z is a startup from Israel that turns phones, tablets & PCs into kids friendly devices for playing and learning with the latest and greatest kids’ apps, videos and online content delivered directly to your child. KIDO’Z aims to bring the best content for kids, wherever they are based on their location, age, gender, and actual behavior – in a kid friendly & safe way. With advanced parental controls and a browser that comes pre-loaded with 1000s of the latest and greatest websites for kids, children can explore the web in a protected, easy-to-use environment. They’ve raised $1.2 million to date and tell us they may still be looking for funding.


Green IQ

GreenIQ Smart Garden HubGreen IQ comes to us from Tel Aviv, Israel and provides revolutionary gardening technology with the Smart Garden Hub, promising to cut outdoor water consumption by 50%. The GreenIQ Smart Garden Hub controls irrigation scheduling based on past, current and forecasted weather, and saves up to 50% on outdoor water consumption. It connects to the Internet via Wi-Fi and can be controlled from anywhere, at any time using a mobile app.




Just added! Sensogram Technologies from Plano, TX  designs, produces and markets innovative biosensors built into easy-to-use wireless wearble mobile devices that allow real-time, continuous, remote monitoring and analysis of vital signs. The need to have five to six cumbersome and costly devices everywhere on the body to measure the full set of vital signs and physical parameters is not an ideal method to track body performance, and is probably a questionable avenue for precise data. This is the initial problem that led Dr. Mouradian to start the Sensogram project. Integrating non-invasive blood pressure and oxygen saturation monitoring real-time, while on-the-move, and even remotely, and offering this in an ultra light and portable device is the amazing offering that Sensogram will provide. At CES Startup Night, come prepared to check out SensoSCAN and SensoTRACK, two health and consumer vital signs advanced monitoring devices.




We’ve just added another tech startup bringing their amazing electronic technology to CES from France! Meet Move N See, the team bringing you the Pixio Cameraman! What better assistant when you need your own cameraman than the Pixio robot? The world’s first robot cameraman for indoor, outdoor, sports, fun, family events, and any photography need you may have.





Startup Night in Downtown Las Vegas will be an exciting event!

We will also meet the team from  Bella Technologia, who will unveil their solution to Social Media and the Smart Home.

See you in Downtown Las Vegas on Monday, January 5 – No CES badge required, but you must RSVP!



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