Mercavo, the Online Marketplace of Sales Opportunities

July 29, 2010

3:58 pm

To a salesperson, there is nothing quite as important as the sales lead. Without these vital pieces of the puzzle the industry would be next to impossible to navigate. The question is, how does one get a hold of these sales leads? Many times, companies will buy lists of generated sales leads from companies that specialize in creating and maintaining those lists. This usually involves a lot of so called “cold calling” the people on this list to spark a sale of some sort. It can be a tedious and arduous task to say the least.

But what if there was a better way and those lead generators could be smarter? Well fear not, Mercavo has the solution for you. They have revolutionized how buyers and sellers connect via crowdsourced sales opportunities. As Mercavo says, “it’s like Craigslist meets Jigsaw”.

Lets paint a better picture. Say you hear of a certain sales opportunity for eMarketing services, a field you don’t really have any experience with. You could go post this opportunity on Mercavo. On the other end, another Mercavo user is looking for eMarketing leads and comes across your posting. He can read, get a little background, and then contact them directly about the opportunity and viola, a sale is made. Frankly, it took me a bit to wrap my head around it, not being a salesperson, but once the picture popped I realized it was pretty ingenious.

Mercavo was founded by Doug Atkinson, CEO of LeadSpark, and David Im, COO of PinkPoint Software and has won rave reviews from the community along with “The Best of the Best” award from Mercavo has signed up over 60 companies as buyers and has strong sales already over the last six months. With over 285,000 US tech companies and 33.6 million tech sales opportunities each year, Mercavo is well positioned to take full advantage of the marketplace.

Come learn more about Mercavo as they are one of the showcased startups being featured at TECH cocktail Boston tonight at the Microsoft NERD center in Cambridge.

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