Merge VR Goggles Make Virtual Reality More Accessible

February 2, 2016

6:00 pm

A few years ago, when the Oculus Rift was announced, the virtual reality (VR) craze gained a lot of momentum and increased interest among hardcore gamers and technology enthusiasts alike. As more and more information come out in bits and pieces about the type of experience and entertainment VR equipment will offer, new devices like the Merge VR Goggles have popped up to take advantage of VR today.

The Merge VR from Merge Labs Inc has the whole package in a very affordable price. Built around the solid power of mobile phones, these VR goggles allow you to experience a large variety of amazing VR content that is compatible with this headset. Be it video games, 360-degree videos, or other immersive experiences, you can jump into a virtual reality enhanced world solely powered by your mobile phone.

You may be wondering how such a small device simply powered by your smart phone is the gateway to a huge world of virtual reality. The Merge VR goggles themselves are made of soft foam material that can stand up to hardcore daily use while providing you with that very comfortable wearing experience. The goggles stay on your head with the help of soft, comfortable Velcro straps that can be used to adjust the goggles to match just about any head size. The whole unit is very easy to clean and always ready for use. In addition, the goggles are extremely lightweight so that there is no virtually no strain on the neck whatsoever providing an almost lighter than air feel as you wander through unfamiliar territory or watch live concert footage standing up and pumping it up!

The real magic of Merge VR is when you download special VR games or 360 videos from places selling video games specifically created to work on an ever growing market of VR goggle headsets. The Merge VR website has a page which links directly to this sort of content so that you will not have to fumble around media stores trying to find something interesting to experience. If you are using a smart phone that was manufactured at least within the last couple of years, you will not face any issues finding games or VR experiences to run on your phone.

Once you adjust the Merge VR Goggles to your head size, just slide your phone into the slot at the front of the goggles and your VR experience is ready to begin. The apps work by allowing your phone to track the way your head moves so that you are able to look up, down and all around in a virtual environment. In addition to head tracking features, VR apps also split the screen into left and right images that appear to be in 3D when viewed through the Merge Goggles. This 3D effect, together with head – tracking, create a feeling of immersion, making you feel as if you are actually in the virtual world yourself.

Once you begin your VR experience, the Merge VR has features that allow you to get the most out of whatever content you are enjoying. These are input buttons on the left and right sides of the top of the goggles which make it easier for interacting with your chosen content. A separate controller would have been nice as holding out your arms for prolonged periods of time might make your arms tired but will not take you a minute away from the experience you will have!

Overall, the Merge VR is a top-notch product made with quality material and is very unique in its own way. The only problem for gamers is that there are not many products in the market or apps out yet which will justify purchasing this product. At a $79 price tag, we suggest you buy the VR Goggles when real, knock you out of your socks experiences are available in the market!

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