MeterHero Offers Cash For Conservation to Florida Residents

April 22, 2015

7:00 pm

In honor of Earth Day, the Florida Clean Water Network and MeterHero announced a partnership to encourage Floridians to conserve water and energy by offering them conservation rebates.

Homeowners across the state can now receive $1.00 for each 100 gallons of water, 10 kilowatt-hours of electricity, or 100 cubic feet of natural gas saved once they sign up to MeterHero. The web-based utility monitoring tool encourage people to conserve water and energy through cash rebates sponsored by businesses and individuals that want to promote more conservation in their communities. Participants can earn $75 or more per month for each utility bill they pay.

“It’s been challenging watching the State Legislature remove environmental safeguards,” said Linda Young, Executive Director for the Florida Clean Water Network. “Rather than waiting around for better laws, we want Floridians to be able to protect their aquifers and surface waters on their own terms.”

Existing utility-based rebate programs fund discounts on purchases like low flow showerheads and toilets, but MeterHero is the first to offer cash for conservation.

“We let residents choose their own strategies for saving water and energy. All we do is verify the savings and pay out the cash rebates,” according to Matt Stevenson, MeterHero’s Head of Customer Success.

As reported in various media outlets, western states have been struggling with water shortage for a few years. According to a report from the U.S. Government Accountability Office, drought, flooding, and climate change (That’s right Florida, I said it!) restrict America’s water supply. This is happening as our population continues to grow and energy production increases. Business Insider reported this week that 40 out of 50 states will have at least one region that’s expected to face some kind of water shortage in the next 10 years.

MeterHero’s tactic seems to be ideal if we want to start dealing with a future national water crisis. The company launched in California about six months ago and has been quietly building a base of households who want to save water and energy but also like the idea of getting some money for their efforts.

Anyone who receives a utility bill is eligible for the MeterHero program. Every MeterHero account gets a water and energy use dashboard. Whether you connect your utility accounts or upload readings manually from your meter, you will have an overview of your consumption.

The Florida Clean Water Network is the first major organization to sponsor savings rebates in the State of Florida.

“We believe that a strong grassroots environmental ethic will do more to protect Florida’s waters than what the lobbyists in Tallahassee offer. Hopefully, our sponsorship will be a catalyst for others in this state who want to do their part,” said Young.

Yes, let’s hope so. Water is not something we can take for granted. MeterHero will be one of the startups featured in Miami’s  Smart City Startups, an event that will showcase companies that offer tech solutions to create sustainable urban centers.


Image Credit: Flickr/Steve Johnson 

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Camila has been heavily active in South Florida’s tech startup community, where she is a co-host of a local radio show called pFunkcast. Camila previously worked at Greenpeace International and the Organization of the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) in various communication roles. A proud Brazilian who spent most of he life in Peru, she is passionate about traveling and documentaries.

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