Metromile to Provide Uber Drivers Per-Mile Car Insurance

January 28, 2015

9:00 am

Today, Metromile and Uber announced they are partnering up to provide variably-priced, pay-per-mile auto insurance for drivers who use Uber’s rideshare platform.

The two companies have jointly developed the first technology solution that serves the Transportation Network Company (“TNC”) market and strives to provide continuous seamless insurance coverage for Uber driver partners – a unique solution for a market where traditional personal auto insurance products may not provide coverage.

Metromile launched in the summer of 2014 and has offers auto insurance with its pay-per-mile model, saving customers money by charging them based on the number of miles they drive. Now, by integrating its platform with Uber, Metromile can distinguish the miles that Uber driver partners drive on a ride sharing trip (from accepting a trip to when the passenger safely exits the vehicle), when they are covered by $1 Million in primary commercial auto liability coverage from Uber (through its TNC affiliates).

As a result, with pay-per-mile insurance offered by Metromile, Uber driver partners can also be covered during the times that they are driving for personal use and when they are waiting to receive requests from riders; driver partners would only be charged for the miles they drive during these periods.

“Metromile has created an innovative product that responds to the needs of the insurance marketplace. Driver partners using Uber’s TNC platform will soon have a new flexible insurance option that is designed specifically for their needs,” said Andrew Macdonald, Uber’s Regional General Manager.

Uber driver-partners will plug Metromile’s Metronome device into the OBD-II port of the car, located under the dash. Driver-partners will enjoy the variety of services and features Metromile provides to all of its users including commute optimization, fuel insights, engine diagnostics, and access to on-staff Metromile mechanics. Drivers in San Francisco and Chicago can also receive notifications to help them avoid costly street sweeping tickets; additional city rollouts for this feature are on the horizon.

“We are proud to offer a unique solution to the growing issue of how TNC drivers insure themselves, whether driving for personal use or with Uber,” said Dan Preston, Metromile CEO. “With Metromile, not only do driver-partners have access to a personal insurance product that acknowledges their TNC use, but they may save money on their personal insurance as well.”

Initially, insurance through Metromile will be available to Uber driver partners in California, Illinois, and Washington.

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