Who is Miami’s Hottest Showcasing Startup [Poll]

September 3, 2014

1:59 pm

Hey Miami, we are back in town and want to showcase the community’s top startups.  What makes Tech Cocktail’s Mixer & Startup Showcase event different from any other is that YOU choose the winners. You also have the chance to mingle with industry leaders and influencers while sipping on delicious cocktails.   Mark your calendars, Sept. 10th, and get your tickets. Also, make sure to vote for your favorite startup showcasing. 

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Now for the fun part: Who is Miami’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?  Let us know your thoughts by voting in this poll at the end of this post (ends at 6:00pm local time on the day of the event – get the official rules here). The winner will be announced live at the event and will receive recognition in the editor’s note of the weekly newsletter and added press recognizing the honor of being elected Miami‘s Hottest Showcasing Startup, as well as a chance for a spot at this year’s national competition, Tech Cocktail Celebrate.

Who is Miami’s Hottest Showcasing Startup?

  • CanUStart– The technology matches employers who are urgently seeking staff quickly, effectively and inexpensively to pre-qualified talent.
  • FiNe – Fidelity Network – Coupons, rebates, and punch cards are all out of date reward systems that tech-savvy customers find cumbersome and unsatisfying. In light of this fact, businesses have failed to effectively create a system that rewards and retains technologically advanced customers for their loyalty.
  • FlyInStyle – Many people feel like the airport experience is pretty rough, and that their trip doesn’t start until the final destination. Finding exciting and interesting ways to pass down time is not easy. On the business side, communication touch points with passengers are limited, so getting fewer people to go straight to the gate to increase store traffic and grow sales is a constant challenge. For reference, only 1/4 passengers walk into duty free stores, leaving tremendous white space opportunity.
  • Grruv– Don’t you wish that there was something different, newer and more exciting than e-cards? E-cards appeared at the same time as the Internet back in the ’90s and since then there hasn’t been much innovation or disruption in this industry. Over the years, a few players came in to the space and certainly created their unique and interesting styles but their products were nothing other than just variations of traditional e-cards. Today, e-cards are trite and the space is in need of something new and refreshing. Something that appeals to the younger generations – and older ones alike. Grruv brings a new, innovative and disruptive product to the massive market of online greetings.
  • HAUTE DINING – The U.S. restaurant industry is massive with over 990,000 locations responsible for 14.8 million jobs, according to 2014 data from the National Restaurant Association. Restaurants are a driving force of the Florida economy with 37,899 locations statewide employing 899,000 Floridians and projected to generate over $34.7 billion in sales for the state in 2014. The restaurant industry is projected to grow 15% in Florida during 2014. Many current restaurant marketing programs fail to address the needs of mid to upscale restaurant operators. These programs charge operators outlandish fees and ROI. Participation is often viewed negatively by industry peers who believe that such programs leads to brand degradation until the doors are finally closed. HAUTE DINING shifts this paradigm by providing better restaurants brands the chance to market themselves free of charge with other restaurant brands positioned at a similar product point.
  • MyCircles – MyCircles removes the pain & boredom that millions of people have with their social network & online dating experience. People are tired of going to large social networks that are so general that they have no targeted content for them. People are tired of having multiple online accounts that they need to juggle their personal, professional & dating lives. People are tired of paying too much for online dating sites & having to have multiple accounts because they have diverse online dating needs. People are tired of being exploited & having companies scour through their personal communications for “Big Data” that is then monetized & they are not compensated for. People are tired of their right to privacy being stripped away from them & they want to be able to control their own information! MyCircles’ unique approach is to empower users to maintain their privacy while freely expressing themselves. This is accomplished by allowing users to have multiple profiles for different Circles.
  • propelU.com– We live in a society with a culture of interruption and multitasking. We all want a better life however, we are busy; work, family, children, extra activities, errands and we still have to handle all that life throws at us. Our focus and attention span are at an all time low. 57% of all books started are never completed. Over 80% of all successful people, read 30 mins a day, write their goals out and have a philosophy of life long self improvement yet less than 10% of the people who want more out of life do. Why, is everyone just lazy? No, personal developed hasn’t changed in 40 yrs to accommodate our digital lifestyle. Content formats have not changed, hard to set aside large blocks of time to digest. Current content and tools are not engaging or interactive. Nothing is automated to eliminate inconsistencies. There is no comprehensive system for achievement bringing together interest specific knowledge, goal setting and tracking to instill successful habits. Until now!
  • PROsimity – Have you ever paid to attend a networking event, and then have awkwardly jumped from one person to another for a couple of hours, just to leave the place with a bunch of biz cards you know you will never use? PROsimity features some of the best networking events and conferences in town and connects you with those professionals you should meet before, during, and after these events.




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