Microplasma Lighting Startup Innovations Save Energy and Money

September 6, 2010

1:15 pm

Energy efficient products ensure that our future is foreseeable. With lighting, we have LED and CFL light bulbs. Still, these bulbs burn out and waste space. How about a ultra-thin and longer lasting light source? Thanks to Eden Park Illumination, we now have Microplasma Lighting – a new product that consists of micro scale devices which emit light using a plasma discharge, and involves arranging microplasmas in large arrays. Plus, the lighting can be any shape or color.

“By successfully confining plasmas in arrays of microcavities, researchers and engineers have realized light-emitting sheets that are thin and inexpensive, and hold considerable promise as the next generation of lighting technology.” – Gary Eden, Co-founder of Eden Park Illumination.

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign Professors Gary Eden and Sung-Jin Park founded Eden Park Illumination Inc. in May of 2007. Eden Park Illumination was founded to develop and commercialize Microplasma products. In 2009, Eden Park Illumination was named by Red Herring as one of the most promising technology startups in North America.

Get ready to see lighting on a whole new level this coming Tuesday September 7th at TECH cocktail Champaign. Be sure to register and get your chance at viewing one of the “brightest” new technologies. 😉

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