MICROS Announces Partnership with TabbedOut: Big Nod for Mobile Payment Acceptance

May 11, 2011

9:15 am

TabbedOut, a mobile-payment application for smart phones and one of the featured companies at Tech Cocktail NYC, recently partnered with MICROS, a leading provider of information technology solutions for the hospitality and retail industries.

Through this partnership, TabbedOut’s software will be integrated with a MICROS merchants’ existing MICROS payment system. Since this is a software extension and does not involve upgrades to the hardware, the result is a quick deployment of mobile payment acceptance. MICROS and its authorized resellers will sell, install and maintain the Tabbedout application, without downtime to the merchant’s system.

This move is not only a huge vote of confidence for TabbedOut’s application, but also is indicative of the wider acceptance of mobile payment options for consumers in general.

With over 330,000 MICROS systems are currently installed in hospitality venues around the world, MICROS sees TabbedOut’s software as an extension of its current point-of-sale offerings.  TabbedOut’s CEO Rick Orr calls the partnership a “win-win” for both companies – a mobile payment application is an obvious time-saver for the patron; it saves time for the bar or restaurant as well. Allowing for a quicker turnaround for the check allows merchants to fill that table more quickly.

Another attractive feature, noted by one restaurateur, is the ‘cool factor’ of the app:

“In this recession, particularly in larger cities where there are many restaurant options, being the first to offer mobile payments integrated with social media provides a ‘cool factor‘ that is priceless,“ stated Bob Amick, owner of Atlanta-based Concentrics Restaurants.  “Since deploying Tabbedout, which is fully integrated to our MICROS point-of-sale system, we have noticed that it not only attracts more patrons, it has increased table turns which is key as sometimes the hardest thing for a restaurant to do during peak serving time is to check someone out to increase speed of the table turn.”

TabbedOut in an Austin-based company that aims to solve the problem of waiting for the check. Here’s how TabbedOut works:

  • Enroll – it takes a minute if not seconds to complete.
  • Store your credit card information in the app, with encryption. The number is not on the TabbedOut servers – ever. You can set a pass phrase for even more security.
  • Find a TabbedOut location using the GPS on the phone.
  • Open a tab on the phone. A random secret code is displayed on the screen each time a tab is opened – give that code to the bartender or server.
  • Order (face to face).
  • Close the tab when you’re ready – the tip can be paid this way too.
  • The app even has the functionality to split the check.

TabbedOut is available in iTunes and the Android Market. Once you download it, you’ll be able to utilize geolocation to determine which restaurants or bars near you accept TabbedOut as a payment option.

TabbedOut - ATX Innovation

Android Market

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