Digital Work Accelerator Event Doubles as Pitch Practice

January 20, 2015

4:30 pm

We are proud to partner with Microsoft Ventures to promote their Digital Work Accelerator in Seattle and the information sessions they have scheduled for the month of January!

Coming up with an idea is easy, but developing it into a startup is hard. And after you create your product, finding market exposure to your intended audience can be hard. A startup accelerator takes a great startup team with a great startup idea and provides access to the network that is specially designed to help them make connections, learn from experts, and test the market feedback. Microsoft Ventures has launched a Digital Work accelerator to propel startups looking to build cloud solutions, productivity tools, and other enterprise-grade software, and the accelerator cohort will be located right on Microsoft’s Redmond campus in the Seattle area.

Tonight in New York City, the team from Microsoft Ventures will be holding an information session to help NYC area startups learn more about the program and network with each other on cloud and digital work. An exciting piece of this program will involve some quick product pitches from a handful of startups selected from the area! Pitch practice at a networking event provides a great way for startups to get immediate feedback, for founders to find new team members, and for the community to get excited about the products being built in their backyard.

Here’s a sneak preview of a few of the startups pitching tonight. These startups are building the types of products that will change the way we work.

Canvs is a project management tool that is touch-based and intuitive, for project members to visually see the other members of their team and the progress being made. “Known as the “Leaders in Visual Project Management”, canvs+ is the world’s first and foremost design focused SaaS company. ”

Prsonas is utilizing hologram & artificial intelligence technologies to engage with customers and gather analytics in the physical world. These hologram “mannequins” are equipped with motion sensors and can be programmed with additional options for interacting with customers.

CreativeWorx is convinced they have solved the time capture problem. “The TimeTracker automatically captures how you spend your time…letting you focus on what you do best. In the process, others get the data they need, driving company productivity through the roof!”

FunnelFire provides a deep company search on business development and sales team targets, to increase conversions and free up hours per day. “Potential clients are 5X more likely to engage with a salesperson who has knowledge and insights on their company.”

Outleads is bridging the gap between analytics data, online marketing efforts, and customer interactions at non-e-commerce businesses. This is a next-generation call tracking service that integrates with major CRM products.

Check out the event here to RSVP and head over to the NYU Entrepreneurial Institute to participate! Or, plan to join Microsoft Ventures tomorrow in Silicon Valley, Friday in Chicago, or next Monday in Los Angeles. Check out the full schedule here!

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