Military Traveler App Aims To Be “Yelp For The Military”

April 30, 2012

1:00 pm

If you are not in the military, you probably wouldn’t know the hassle of getting basic information about the base you are stationed in, such as where can you get food, when does the gym close, where you can find medical help, etc. The information available is disjointed and outdated, so you cannot rely on the information you do find.

This is the problem the Military Traveler app is trying to solve.

As Billy Griffin, the COO, said, “Our goal is to revolutionize the way people find the information on a military base.” So, they set off to build a “Yelp for the military.”

The free app is easy to use – once you select your base, you can look up, by category, any service and get the phone number, location and web address. In other words, everything that is located on the base will be in your phone for quick access.  You can find it in the iPhone and Android app stores.

Because it’s difficult to find a new job around the military base after relocation: “What we would like to do as we expand is to hire military spouses, to 1) provide jobs and 2) because they understand what we are trying to do. They move around to different bases, and they know how difficult it is to find this information,” says Griffin.

Military is a niche market, but just as with education and health, the defense industry is not going anywhere, and it is still an untapped playground for future apps. It’s been said at almost every web/app conference that these industries do not receive enough attention and need major disruptions.

You can learn more about the app in the video below:

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