How Millennial Founders Use Social Media To Boost Their Brand

January 24, 2017

2:20 pm

Social media has become an integral part of the startup world. From customer service chatbots to marketing analytics pages, these platforms have completely changed the way companies approach building their business. And if you’ve been wondering how you can use these platforms to transform your bottom line, look no further than these millennial founders.

We asked four millennial founders how they used social media to boost their brand. Check out what they said below and get your social media campaign in high gear.

Learn About Customers

Social is a great sandbox. Social media is an amazingly effective tool to test marketing with targeted user groups — and it’s surprisingly cheap. We ran a survey before getting started to test our hypotheses. The results of our questionnaire set the foundation for our product. Social media is much, much more than brand positioning alone.

– Zachary Watson, CEO of HoneyCo

Go Where They Go

Engaging customers where they are is paramount. Customers don’t come to you. You go to them. Testive’s customer is the busy mom of a likely even busier high school Junior. We go where those moms go – Facebook and Pinterest. We’ve built our business on the happiness of our customers and the subsequent referrals we get as a result of that satisfaction. Social media is a strong outlet for our customers to share their stories. Here’s a great example of what we did.

– Tom Rose, founder and creator of Testive

Build Trust

We encourage our customers to share their finished blankets on #projectrepat on Facebook and Instagram. Our process for sending shirts in, waiting, and then getting it back as a quilt, requires a lot of trust. The more photos people see from customers versus stock photos, the more they trust us.

– Nathan Rothstein, cofounder and president of Project Repat

Personal Relationship

Social media has given us the opportunity to engage with our users personally, hear their stories, and create a sense of community. We use channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to celebrate our users’ milestones and share when we have new content or teachers on the app. Our users have also loved being able to interact with our top meditation teachers on social media, asking them for meditation advice, requesting different types of content, or even just expressing appreciation.

– Yunha Kim, founder of SimpleHabit

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