Gamify Your Learning Experiences, it Might Change Everything

June 1, 2015

4:00 pm

Last year alone there were 80 new, billion dollar startup companies that emerged that are competing to sustain their growth in an increasingly high stakes area. Often, the difference between winning and losing a deal comes down to whether or not an individual sale representative can speak to the right case studies, or articulate the benefits of a new product.

It raises an important question though: how can constantly evolving, high tech companies keep their sales reps ahead of new developments? MindTickle was engineered as a solution, built to be a proprietary sales enablement platform that connects real time learning with business results for sales and customer success teams.

MindTickle combines training, coaching, and a mobile app together in a data driven way, according to CCO and cofounder Mohit Garg. Sales reps can use the powerful search to find relevant info on product, success stories, or objection handling scenarios.

As he developed the platform, Garg and his team realized that learning is like a physical exercise: everybody knows that it’s good for health but not everybody works out. Sometimes it’s due to competing priorities while other times, the learning experience is just plain uninspiring and boring.

After conducting extensive user studies and user-experience experiments, MindTicklers figured that exercise can be made fun by turning it into a sport, and learning can be made lot more effective, engaging, and almost an addictive good habit by turning it into a social and gamified experience. MindTickle empowers its customers to unlock the knowledge in the minds of individual subject matter experts by making it very easy to transform those assets into highly effective online learning programs.

Sales Enablement teams can alternatively use MindTickle to push out new product updates, field communication, and other business updates. Apart from being a knowledge repository for sales reps, the mobile app acts as a dedicated communication platform to sales and customer success teams. MindTickle’s analytics helps companies compare knowledge data with performance.

Fast growing Silicon Valley startups like Couchbase, Appdynamics, Avalara, Cloudera, Rubicon project, and Inmobi are partnering with MindTickle to script their own growth stories. And to date they’ve been funded by Accel, were recognized as a ‘cool vendor’ by Gartner in 2014, won the 2015 TiE50 top startup award, and won the Gamification Summit award in 2013.

“Innovation is not a cliché buzzword at MindTickle; instead, it is a religion,” says Garg.


Image Credit: Flickr / Fabian Bromann’s page

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