Somebody Has Built a Fully Functioning 1KB Hard Drive in Minecraft

August 22, 2014

3:00 pm

By this point in time I’d be incredibly surprised if you hadn’t heard of the popular game Minecraft. It was created in 2009 by Markus Persson, and avid players of the game have made some awe-inspiring and jaw-dropping creations.

Earlier this week CNET reported on a new Minecraft creation sure to wow even the most stalwart haters of the game: a fully functioning 1KB and 4KB hard drive. When I say “fully functioning” here, I really mean it. These two hard drives can actually be imprinted with real data in binary.

As the article reads, there’s a resource in the game, redstone, which acts as a form of energy to power redstone circuits. These circuits have been forged to replicate real world circuits and have been seen across the Minecraft realm powering simple devices like draw bridges.

Some users have taken the redstone circuit even further though, demonstrating that it can in fact power in-game-created transistors and diodes. The circuits also are bound to the real world laws of physics and logic.

“In the case of a hard drive, redstone is used to power pistons that simulate the true and false values of binary, which are typically represented as 1 and 0 respectively,” reads the CNET post.

The end goal in all of this is to one day create a computer within the Minecraft game that can, in turn, run Minecraft. It’s baffling to wrap your mind around, but the implications of creating a secondary virtual world within a virtual world are pretty huge. It’s also a great proof of concept for entrepreneurs considering the benefits of ‘gamifying‘ their platforms as an incentive. It clearly works.

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