Mingle360 Offers New Social Media Flash Drive

March 23, 2010

11:09 am

Mingle360 is coming out with a new social media USB flash drive product line aimed at creating an interactive and engaging experience.  The MingleStick+MEMORY device uses the company’s “mingle technology” for peer-to-peer networking and will be bundled with a Kingston Digital 2GB SD card.

The Fairfax, Va.-based company’s Mingle Stick is a keychain-sized wireless device that allows people to exchange information wirelessly with the click of a button. Users then return home to upload and view their mingle connections within an online account.

The new MingleStick+MEMORY expands on that concept by increasing the capacity for data storage.  The removable SD memory card enables a person to store music, videos, photos, and documents, creating a social networking experience for users.

“Our business relationship with Kingston Digital is mutually rewarding because both companies can focus on their core competencies,” says Dan Coffing, president of Mingle360. “Our patent pending mingle technology and Kingston Digital’s SD cards create a winning combination.”

Mingle products are particularly useful in promoting attendee networking at conferences and other events, as they allow people to upload contact information directly to laptops or other devices, bypassing the need to copy information from business cards. In fact, Mingle360 is making a special effort to market its products to event organizers. The company says the devices create “buzz” at events and can help differentiate an organization from its competitors.

Mingle360 was a showcased startup at our third TECH cocktail DC mixer event in 2008. While we love Mingle360, we always questioned why Mingle360 isn’t just a cross platform application for the mobile phone rather than a new piece of hardware. Many events and conferences already hand out USB memory sticks to share information about the specific event (files, slide decks and pitches) so Mingle360 is latching onto the opportunity and bundling its wireless networking technology with them. With the Mingle360 technology on your USB event attendees not only have all the information they had before but also are able to collect virtual business cards at the click of a button. The MingleStick+MEMORY social media flash drive will soon be available for purchase worldwide.



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